Boxing Day Kilbarchan Club Relays

Time: 1.30pm
Route: Kilbarchan Club Boxing Day Relay Race
Overall Distance: 5miles
Race distance: 1.6miles
Race time: 9mins 26secs (6.24)
Lap 1: 4.38 (5.54) Lap 2: 4.46 (6.00)

Today was our traditional Boxing Day Club Relay. I always enjoy this race as we are put in teams and there is lots of opportunity to encourage everyone. I have captained the winning team for the last two years and so was hoping for a hat trick of wins!

This year there were 6 teams running 10 laps in total. My team was made up of me (2laps), John McL (2 laps), Gwen (1 lap), Katie (1 lap), Nicholas (2 laps) and Stephen (2 laps).

Jim also ran the first 2 laps for his team and I knew we were going to have a battle as we often run similar times. At the end of the first lap we were together but Jim pushed on near the end of the second lap and I couldn’t stay with him. Clare also went past me on the final push in so I handed over 3rd. I ran my two laps in 9mins 26secs which was 10secs faster than last year so that is encouraging!

Our team held onto 2nd place until the last few laps when we were overtaken. The last lap was very exciting for 2nd to 4th place. Stevie just held off Donald who just held off Stephen. My video of the race is being uploaded so you will be able to see for yourself!

It was good fun and always a great club event. The next race in our festive races is on Sunday – the Marshall Moor Race. Bring it on!

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