Marshall Moor Race

Time: 1.30pm
Route: Kilbarchan Club Marshall Moor Race
Race distance: 5.93miles
Race time: 51mins 44secs (8.43)
Start to top: 2.80miles in 26mins 04secs (9.19)
Top to finish: 3.13miles in 25mins 39secs (8.11)
Click on the route picture to see more details …

I was really looking forward to this race as last year I’d run 25miles on our training run the day before and I got lost on the way down. So this year with fresher legs and hopefully a better knowledge of the route I was feeling good.

There were 13 of us taking part. Max and Brian set off 20mins before the main group and Donald and Michael set off 5mins after us. I took a few video clips before and after the race and it’s uploading as I speak so that will come soon.

The group of 9 of us set off together and after a few minutes we settled into an order. Davie was leading the way with Jim, myself and Stevie following. Once we got out of the woods I took the lead and set off for the summit. I was feeling good and arrived at the top over 50secs ahead of Jim and the others. AsI set off back down I could see Donald working hard and wondered when/if he’d catch me.
Last year I got lost on the way down and this year I was determined to make sure I didn’t lose time but half way down I was struggling with the route. I looked behind and Davie wasn’t far behind with a line of runners after him. I had to keep glancing behind to make sure I was on track. At one point I headed too far left and had to cut back down to rejoin the line.

The ground was very frosty but at one point I was expecting the ground to be firm but it wasn’t so I fell head long into the mud! At least those behind me had a good laugh!

Once I knew where I was I pushed on hard and stayed in front. We came to the final field and I was still in front and running hard. Just as we came out of the final field Donald caught me but I was still in front and was going to make him work hard to get past me. But I went the wrong was through the houses and Donald came out in front. So I ran in 2nd behind him!

I finished in 51mins 44secs which was 21secs faster than last year. I really enjoyed the race as it’s so different with lots of fences, gates and walls to climb over as well as very uneven ground under foot.

So just one race to go of our Club races and it’s the hardest one – 11mile handicap race over a tough hilly course on Hogmany. Plus Ian is joining us as a guest. Plus Marco said he might come as well?

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