Lunchtime run on Clydebank Canal

Time: 11.045am
Route: Canal, Clydebank
Distance: 9miles
Time Run: 1hr 09mins 05secs (av 7.41)
Mile splits: 7.37, 7.33, 7.28, 7.28, 7.27, 7.42, 7.34, 7.57, 8.15

Today I was back at work and so decided to go for my run at lunch time. My sister and family are coming over for a meal this evening so I won’t be going to the club tonight. The boiler at work had to be switched off and so there was no heating from about 10.30am. So I was told to go home! I ran first and then left after lunch.

I ran down to the canal and ran 4 and half miles out and back making a nice steady 9miles. I was almost under the Erskine Bridge when I turned. I could feel my foot again during the last few miles. I must admit I’m looking forward to getting my new insoles and seeing if they will make any difference.

I’m not running tomorrow and then we have our Hogmanay 11mile run which I’m looking forward to. I just hope my foot doesn’t hurt too much!

I was looking at my route from yesterday recorded on my garmin compared to the recce run I did with Donald. The yellow lines shows the way I should have taken. The top line is the way down and the route goes from left to right.
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