Goals for 2009

I love to set out my goals for the year and then see if I can achieve them! For this year my goal is to run 5 ultra’s in my 50th year so my goals are all centred around those five races. When I first started running ultra races I set myself a bronze, silver and gold medal aim so I thought I’d do that for the five races.

My bronze medal goal is the same for all five races – to finish. This is not an easy goal in itself as to complete any ultra race is a great achievement in my book. Plus if I could finish all five races then that would excellent.

But being the competitive (with myself) person I am I like to aim for more than just finishing. I want to do the best I can in each race and so I have set myself a silver and gold medal goal as well.

The Fling, whw and Devil’s are races or routes I’ve done before so I have a good idea of what to aim for. The Hardmoor and Rotherham are races I’ve never done before so I’ve based my predictions on friends performances so we’ll see.

So what would I be happy with?- I’d love to get at least 3 golds and 2 silvers. It will all depend on injury, training, weather on the day etc, etc

As I look forward to this year I will also look back and so here are my weekly and monthly mileages compared to 2007.

So in 2008 I ran 2208 miles which works out at an average of 184 miles per month and 42.5 miles a week. This is the most I have ever ran in a year. It would have been higher except I missed 4-5 week in September/October with my foot injury.
As far as my goals for 2008 went I achieved them all but one.
10k – 38.00 at Irvine in August
Half Marathon – 1hr 25mins 56secs
Marathon – did not run due to injury
Highland Fling – 9hrs 44mins 41secs
West Highland Way – 19hrs 59mins 33secs
Ran over 2,000 miles
I also won my battle 4-2 with Ian over the 6 races we ran together from Jan-June.
So an excellent year running wise and one that will take some beating but I’ll be trying!!
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3 Responses to Goals for 2009

  1. Chris says:

    Sounds good. hope you gave a good year John.

  2. WHW Runner says:

    good luck with it John. 3 golds and 2 silvers will be a great ahievement – in fact to finish all 5 will be a great achievement!

  3. Billy says:

    Go for Gold John! Your training is obviously very effective, particularly as evidenced by your WHW run last year. If you get past the Hardmoors in good shape, you should be flying by Rotherham.Hope to be able to join you on one of your WHW runs before too long.BillyP.S Yes, you’re welcome to pick my “brains” about Rotherham!

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