Easy Run on Brodie Park

Time: 12.40pm
Route: Brodie Park
Distance: 5miles
Time Run: 41mins 13secs
Lap splits (1.10mile): 8.59, 8.51, 8.55 (av 8.55)

Today was my first run of my 2009 Training Plan! A nice and easy 5miles with tomorrow’s Nigel Barge 10k race in mind. My foot was a bit sore starting off but once I was on the grass it felt fine so that was good.

As I running today I was thinking about my 2009 challenge and how I’m feeling about it. Here are some of my thoughts …

I’m really looking forward to the challenge and feel I’m ready for it mentally. I’m aware that I will have a lot of long training runs to do on my own as well as long training runs with others and the races. But I’m ready for the discipline of running slow and steady. Bring it on!

I reckon I am fitter at this point in the year than I was this time last year. In all the Christmas races I was quicker than last year. Infact my time in the Donald Crawford 11mile handicap was my best in the 5 times I’ve run it over the last 7 years. So I feel I’m still improving especially in regard to the ultra races. So I feel there is no reason why I can’t keep improving this year. On the downside my foot is still troubling me. It is not right but I’m still running 40-50 miles a week without it getting any worse. I’m hoping that once I get the new insoles the soreness with subside and I’ll be fine. Everthing else feels good and so I start the year feeling optimistic with the reservation about my foot.

I’m very aware that I need lots of support and encouragement and my family and friends continue to help me in every way. Thanks to you all!

I was looking at my running logs this morning and put together a graph showing how much I’ve run each year since 1984 when I was 25. I have been a keen runner since I was 13 or so but didn’t keep records until about 1984.

Between 1987-90 we lived in Bangladesh and I didn’t do much running. From 1990-95 we lived in India and I probably ran 2-3 times a week. From 1997-2003 I aimed for 1,000 miles a year. During 2004-06 I was struggling with a calf injury and then 2007-08 I discovered ultra running and increased my yearly mileage.

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3 Responses to Easy Run on Brodie Park

  1. Project June says:

    Thanks for your comment John.Best of luck also for your challenge this year. I’m sure you’ve got what it takes to do well in all your races.Hope to join one of your training runs or two if I can get kiddie-cover..CheersJohn

  2. Project June says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Davie Bell says:

    Happy New Year John and good luck with all your goals see you 25th

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