Easy Recovery Run

Time: 9.00am
Route: From Mechanics House
Distance: 6.52miles
Time Run: 55mins 10secs (average pace 8.26)

Today I had to drop our car off at the Mechanics house for an MOT so decided to combine it with my run today. I had planned to run on Brodie Park so ran back on the road and then did the last couple of miles on the Park.

My foot was feeling sore last night after my 13.5miles. But an ice pack and a night’s sleep and it didn’t feel too bad today. I ran pretty easy as I could feel last night’s run in my legs. Tomorrow is my long run of the week, 16-18 miles up on the Braes. I hope the weather is as good as it is today.

I was reading Neal’s blog this morning and he was writing that he is struggling to get going at the moment and feels he’s lost a bit of his mojo. Davie Bell left this comment,

Hi Neal,
Don’t worry about it we all lose our mojo at some point or another with the exception of JK perhaps I went through the same from Oct to Christmas but gradually getting it back ,keep pluggin away it will return but I think you know that, see you on the 25th mojo and all.


I’ll take that as a compliment! But as I was running today I was thinking about 2 runners at our club, Kilbarchan, who put me well and truly in the shade.

Runner ONE – Jim McMillan
I’m not sure of Jim’s age but he is retired! Jim has run over 2,000 miles every year for …. wait of it ….. 40years! Now that is incredible and and shows an amazing consistency over many many years.

Runner TWO – James Snodgrass
Snoddy is one of our stars in the club and he has run every day for the last 9 years! Again a tremendous achievement to keep that going.

So Neal get inspired by these two and GET GOING!!

I had a phone call from the hospital to say that my insoles are ready but that I need to have an appointment to have them fitted. They had a cancellation on Tuesday but I missed the call. I’ll have to wait now for the letter with appointment to arrive!

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1 Response to Easy Recovery Run

  1. Ha ha Davie is a riot. Well, apart from when he predicted that I would have a 12lb baby. I would take it as a compliment. You’re always so positive. My amibition in life is to see you spit the dummy! Te he.

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