Off road run on the Braes

Time: 10.15am
Route: Gleniffer Braes
Distance: 18.41miles
Time Run: 3hr 02mins 49secs (av 9.55mins per mile)
2 large Laps (7.57miles): 1hr 16mins 29secs (10.06pace) & 1hr 15mins 57secs (10.02pace)

Today I was up on the Braes for my long run of the week. My training plan called for a 16 mile run but I was keen to do the full 2 laps as last time I did this run in December I really struggled on the second lap and it was over 7 mins slower than the first. Today I was keen to see if I could judge my pace better and run the two laps at an even pace.

I also ran with a weighted rucksack (2 hard back A4 size books). I tried this last year on the suggestion of William Sichel (though he uses a specially designed by him belt with sand in) to help combat DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) which I’d struggled with on my first whw race. It seemed to help last year so I’ll continue to try it this year. Th eidea behind it is to make the quads work harder especially on the downhills bits.

So I was really pleased with my run. The weather was great – cold enough for hat and gloves but hardly any wind and firm underfoot. The first lap would have been a minute of two faster except I had an encounter with a dog – well to be precise about 10 dogs and their walker. As I approached them she said stand still otherwise ‘Oscar’ will chase you. Now I don’t like stopping in mid flow but I had little choice. She took her pack of dogs in the opposite direction and I set off to run again. But ‘Oscar’ came chasing after me again. The lady shouts ‘I told you to stand still!’ So the whole process is repeated but this time she holds on to Oscar so I can get away. Debs – maybe you should have been there as I was getting close to ‘spitting the dummy!’ She did apologise and maybe it helped me in the long run as I ran the second lap slightly faster than the first and feel good about that now!!

Over the past 2 years I’ve used the Braes for most of my off road runs but this year having my motorbike my plan is for each month to have one run on the Braes, one on Muirshiel, one on the whw route and a recovery week. So basically I have 5 more runs on the Braes before the whw race!

The entries for Hardmoors 110 are now open. I have downloaded the form, filled it in, written the check and it will be in the post this afternoon on the way to my swimming lessons!

I’m also thinking about doing the Heaven & Hell Half Marathon on Sunday 5th April in Perth. I remember reading about this race in MyRace magazine. It is really hilly and a tough race. It would fit in well in my training plan coming a week after our March whw run (Tyndrum to Fort William) and 3 weeks before the Highland Fling. It will be a good test for my quads! I’ll see how my foot responds to the new insoles before I commit myself.

Talking of my insoles I got the letter today with an appointment for someone to show me how to use them – Monday 9 February!! I’ve tried to ring to see if I can get an earlier one or just to pick them up. I remember the first time I got some insoles it tool 5 mins and basically all they did was watch me put them in and walk around.

Finally congratulations to all those who have entered the UTMB this year. It seems everyone who entered got in as it didn’t reach the maximum limit.

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3 Responses to Off road run on the Braes

  1. WHW Runner says:

    John, I did the Heaven and Hell HM last year and really enjoyed it. It is a tough run, particularly the long steep hill at about 8 miles (and which lasts for about a mile and a half). However it starts and finishes at more or less the same point, so anything that goes up has to come back down! Ian

  2. Te he. I’m going to ask to borrow Oscar and a video camera!

  3. Billy says:

    John,That seems quite a radical DOMS vaccination technique! (though it would be hard to fault William Sichel’s training based on his results). Trotter Dick Wall used to do downhill intervals to achieve the same thing but a rucksack with weights would hardly be necessary in his case.P.S Re Rotherham – I found Jack Brown’s race report < HREF="" REL="nofollow">HERE<> . As you’ll see, Jack is fanatical about preparation. I had to laugh though, because despite this, when I met him in the race he had mislaid the map sheet for that section and was having to stay with a group until he could navigate again from the third checkpoint.

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