run on the whw with Marco

Time: 6.30am
Route: Drymen to Beinglas Farm
Distance: 29.36miles
Time Run: 6hr 02mins 56secs

Drymen Car Park to start of route: 0.46miles in 3mins 58secs
Drymen to Balmaha: 6.90miles in 1hr 23mins 57secs plus 2min 01secs stop
Balmaha to Rowardennan: 7.86 miles in 1hr 27mins 47secs plus 6min 44secs stop
Rowardennan to Inversnaid Hotel: 7.21 miles in 1hr 15mins 02secs plus 6min 22secs
Inversnaid Hotel to Beinglas Farm: 6.70miles 1hr 37mins 01secs

What a great day! I left home at 5.30pm, drove to Marco & Debs’ house in Alexandria, jumped in Marco car arrived at Drymen at 6.30am and off we set. We was very dark but with Marco’s super head torch and my so-so one we could see our way through the forest and up and over Conic Hill.

I was determined to run at my pace and not get caught up running at Marco’s pace but to be honest we stayed together all day and we both really enjoyed the run.

By the time we got to Balmaha the sun was coming up and we didn’t need the head torches. Another solid section to Rowardennan and before we knew it we’d covered half the distance. We were chatting the whole way and the time flew by. It was fun hearing all about the birth of Cairn and his antics since.

A 6min stop at Rowardennan for beans and smoothie (me) and a sandwich (Marco) and we were off again. We decided to try and see if we could run at a sensible pace for as long as possible up the hill. My tactic is to count to 50 breathes and then see how I feel. I must have counted about 6 sets and by then I was at the top of the hill. Marco was just in front. I’m not sure what his tactic was but I suspect it was I’m not stopping to walk until John does!

Just before the next hill Marco dropped his bag of nuts and instead of stopping to pick them up for him I continued running and gave him something to chase! He caught me just as I decided to walk the last little bit of the hill.

We continued running and chatting and arrived at Inversnaid in a very satisfying 1hr 15mins. Another quick stop for a rice pudding and then we set off on the final leg to Beinglas. It had been raining most of the morning but only a light drizzle and it didn’t feel too cold.

After about 45 mins or so I had a fall! I missed my footing and sort of fell and rolled over. On the way I must have grazed my nose as it was bleeding. Marco digged inside his bum bag and produced a packet of tissues that Debs had insisted he carry. Thanks Deb! The bleeding soon stopped and everything felt fine.

We ran into Beinglas without too much incident except for a lively dog at Doune Bothy.

We both agreed it was one of the best training runs we’d had on the route and I’m so glad Marco had offered to run with me. Debs was waiting with Cairn at Beinglas and after a quick change we were on our way home. Not only did Debs come and pick us up she also made some cheese and ham sandwiches. Excellent – thanks again!

I arrived for my swimming lessons 30mins early – perfect timing.

We are off to Liverpool tomorrow afternoon (after my 10am-2pm swimming lessons) and our memoral service for Dad is on Sunday afternoon at 4pm.

I took a few video clips of the run – see above

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2 Responses to run on the whw with Marco

  1. Hey John,Was just lying in my bed and I heard my phone and Debbie’s phone go off.. and I thought, John’s posted todays blog and video. Woohoo, still on a high from today.Got to thank you for a fabulous run today John. Okay paternity leave isn’t meant to mean you go on a 30 mile run but the plan to do it all before lunchtime fitted in just perfectly.Everything worked out great for us. Great chat, great timing, great route and the weather wasn’t too bad. Everything perfect. Okay you falling wasn’t too good but the rest was.I also want to add my thanks to Debbie and Cairn for picking us up bang on time at the end.Hope everything goes well this weekend.Catch up soon.Marco

  2. Glad to help out.Katrina will need to ban you from running in the run up to the big wedding. You can’t have a battered face in the pictures 🙂Thanks again for the gorgeous baby gift. With the amount that Cairn is feeding, it won’t be long before it fits.

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