Fitness Test at Hampden

This morning I went over to Hampden to meet Graeme Jones and have my fitness test. What a great few hours I had! Graeme was so helpful and took time to explain everything and really helped me to understand all I could.

We started with a general chat about my training and goals for the year. Then Graeme did a test which worked out how balanced my quads and hamstrings are. He wasn’t surprised to see that my quads are stronger than my hamstrings but they are in balance so that was good.

Graeme then took all my basic measurements. I’m 5’10” which was a little smaller than I thought. My weight was right on 12st so happy with that. He also took my body fat – 7.8% which he said is low and good. According to the average I have the body of a 34yr old – but as Graham pointed out on his blog that doesn’t say much when you think about the average 34 yr old!

Graeme also tested my lung capacity and he said I was functioning well!

Then we came to the big test on the treadmill. After a 5min warm up I was all wired up and told to relax. My resting heart was 45. Then the fun began.

Graeme wanted to have 7-8 stages of 3min runs so we started at 9km per hour and increased by 1km every 3mins. At the end of each 3min I briefly stopped, Graeme pricked my index finger, took some blood and I was away again. I enjoyed the run and focused on the map in front of me and thought about the sections of the whw route!

I felt strong right through the sessions and then Graeme explained on the last one I was to keep going until I was exhausted. He increased the gradient by 0.5 every 30secs. I’m not sure how long I lasted but the gradient was 6.0 by the time I felt I was slipping off the pace and stopped.

Graeme said he was very pleased with the results. They were very uniform and really clear to interpret and work out my training zones.

We then sat down for half an hour or and Graeme went through my 09 training plan and made some really helpful and wise comments. I’ll come back to that on another post.

I will get a full report next week but the thing that encouraged me was that Graeme said that I am very efficient at burning fat which is ideal for an ultra runner. The sooner you start burning glycogen the sooner lactic acid is produced as a by product and the sooner you have to slow down.

I’m looking forward to getting the full report and having time to really think about it and see what I should be changing in my training.

I would fully recommend doing the test. I found it so helpful. If you want more details let me know and I’ll send it to you.

As a bonus … when I went into the changing room to get a shower there was George Burley, Scotland manager – so I had a quick chat with him and wished him all the best for the next Scotland game in March!
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4 Responses to Fitness Test at Hampden

  1. Hey John,Could you send me some details of the test.I would be very interested in getting it done.MarcoPS I have the body of a 34 year old too…

  2. WHW Runner says:

    John, you should have asked George Burley what he was thinking about asking for the SPL start to be postponed till after the Scotland v Norway game. Now we will have a group of players who haven’t played competitive football for 3 months, trying to play one of the most important game of the season as their first game. Absolutely crazy in my opinion and completely contrary to any sound coaching advice. He would have been far better asking for the start to be brought FORWARD by 3 weeks, then we might have had a chance…

  3. Billy says:

    John,It looks like the test will provide lots of useful information. The reports from you and Stuart have whetted my appetite, so I might give it a go.BillyP.S a bit belated but needless to say, keep up the excellent blog!

  4. Silke says:

    This sounds like an interesting test. Thomas has been thinking about doing something like this for a while as well. But I do have my doubts about your body fat percentage. 🙂 7.8% sounds very low indeed. How was it measured? Not that I am doubting that it is low! Just because some professional athletes don’t get under 9 either and that is presumed low … Silke

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