Training Run on the whw route – Mar 09

Time: 9.30am
Route: Drover’s Inn to Kingshouse
Distance: 31.35miles
Time Run: 6hr 03mins 48secs
Beinglas Farm to Auchterytre (9.55miles): 1hr 49mins 29secs
Auchtertyre to Bridge of Orchy (9.32miles): 1hr 34mins 40secs
Bridge of Orchy to Kingshouse (11.96miles): 2hr 20mins 15secs

Another great training run on the whw route but to be honest I found the last 5miles really hard. I knew I was going to be in trouble and was pushing it by doing the run. I’ve had a cold for the past few days with a sore throat, cough and bunged up nose. I’ve not slept very well at all for the past 3 nights but thought I’d be alright to run. I did pretty well but just completely ran out of energy over the last hour or so.

I picked up Neal at 7am and we drove to Kingshouse where we met the other driver’s. After dropping of Silke & George at Tyndrum (they were wanting to run 20miles rather than 31miles)we arrived at Drover’s Inn at 9.15am and got ready to set off at 9.30am. A group of 7 had started at 8.30am and another group had left at 9am. I reckon we had over 30 running and everyone was able to run at their own pace and most people ran with someone.

Marco hadn’t arrived by 9.30am but we took the group photo and left anyway – he would have no problem catching us! Which he did just after Beinglas Farm.

Beinglas Farm to Achtertyre (9.32miles in 1hr 49mins 29secs)

I was very keen to make sure I took things easy from the start and so wasn’t too bothered when the majority of the group ran off into the distance. I settled down and ran with Phil, Alasdair, Ian and Thomas over the first few miles. I was feeling okay but knew the latter part of the run would be the hardest.

The weather was quite good for the first hour or so but once we approached Auchtertyre it was raining quite heavy. We stopped for a few minutes and I ate some beans and put on my rain jacket and gloves. Thomas and Phil didn’t really want to stop so headed off after a minute or two. The next time I saw them was at Kingshouse.

Auchtertyre to Bridge of Orchy (9.32miles in 1hr 34mins 40secs)

Ian and Alasdair bought a coffee and so walked the next few minutes to drink it and I was on my own runing towards Tyndrum. I caught up with Karen and another runner who was heading back at Tyndrum. Just before Tyndrum I caught up with Stuart and we ran together to Bridge of Orchy. We chatted a bit but I was concentrating on keeping going. I still felt okay and was running pretty solid but knew things were not quite right.

The weather brightened up for a while and we slowly caught up with Davie and Sharon. I thought they would be well away but once we caught them realised why. Sharon had taken a nasty fall and was quite upset. She explained that she was putting her gloves in her bag when she tripped and couldn’t soften the blow. She was stpping at Bridge of Orchy and Debs where Debs was meeting her.

Just before we arrived at Bridge of Orchy Ian caught us. He looked as though he was running very well. So much for his plan of just finishing the race this year! He looks to be a man on a mission to me.

We stopped at Bridge of Orchy for 6mins or so and then the four of us, Ian, Davie, Stuart and myself set off the last 12miles leg to Kingshouse.

Bridge of Orchy to Kinghouse (11.96miles in 2hr 20mins 15secs)

We walked up the hill from Bridge of Orchy and then ran down to Inveroran pretty well together but once on the road I knew I was starting to struggle. The other three went past and away and I decided to needed to regroup and try and run my own pace if I was to make it to Kingshouse.

Once we had gone through the gate and headed up the hill I did settled into a steady run. I ran for 100 breathes and walked for 50. I was quite pleased to see that the other 3 were not disappearing. I went past Derek and Louise and slowly caught up Stuart. I was feeling a lot better than I had expected and so set off to try and caught Ian and Davie who were about 400 yards ahead.

I didn’t gain on them at all and was slowly slipping back. After about 45mins on the Rannoch Mor I stopped to refill my water bottle and Stuart caught me and went past. I knew I had about 4 and half miles to go and knew it was going to be tough. It was and I would say it is one of the very few times when I just wanted to run to finish, to get to Kinghouse, change into some warm clothes, have some soup and then get home!

Kingshouse eventually did arrive and I got my wish. So not the best run ever but I was pleased given the circumstances that I finished it. I just felt that I was running on empty over those last few miles.

It was good to meet up with everyone at Kingshouse. Everyone had had a good run and all the arrangements worked out fine. Time for the 31miles ranged from 4hr 45mins to 7hrs 15mins but everyone was able to run at thier pwn pace and benefit from being part of the group.

Thomas and Silke gave Neal, Harvey and I a lift back to Beinglas and then I drove home. Once home I had a shower and went straight to be for an hour or so feeling a bit sorry for myself. I received little sympathy from the family. What do you expect they said – running 31miles with a cold!! +

We have another run at the end of March and I think that will be a key one for me to get over this one and see where I’m at in my training. So I’m takin git very easy this week and allow my body to recover!

Video to come!!

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5 Responses to Training Run on the whw route – Mar 09

  1. Did you almost spit the dummy? Did ya? Did ya?Onwards and upwards. The next run will be great!Take care

  2. Davie says:

    John,Do you notice that a certain lady has something to say about everyone and everything. And she still has my sports drink bottle. Good job she is pushing the Cairn fella about or I might just think she’s skiving.By the Way, how about some better weather next time?

  3. Thomas says:

    “What do you expect they said – running 31miles with a cold!!”That’s pretty much the same comment I get every time I dare opening my mouth, though it’s usually (ok, always) to complain about being tired after running over a shorter distance than you just did.

  4. Silke says:

    John,thank you again for sorting out all the transport arrangements. That must have been quite a bit of work, but it allowed me to run as well as getting into warm clothes afterwards.And do give yourself enough time to recover from this cold!! Still at work so can’t watch your video yet …

  5. Hey John,Well done running on Sunday with your cold. You sounded miserable at the end but at least you made it and hopefully better for it. Thank you for all the organising.Speak soonMarco

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