Wednesday: Club Run

Time: 6.45pm
Route: From Elderslie Pool
Total Distance: 14.59miles
Overall time Run: 1hr 53mins 44secs
Club Run: 9.93miles
Time Run: 1hr 14mins 26secs (av pace 7.30)
Mile splits: 8.05, 7.43, 7.35, 8.00, 7.10, 7.22, 7.37, 7.13, 7.05, 6.30

I decided to run the extra few miles to and from Elderslie Pool tonight. My legs weren’t feeling quite so heavy so I thought I’d be okay. I did run them very easily though and made sure I wasn’t the one pushing the pace on the Club Run.

The weather was pretty grotty with wind and rain but once you’re wet it doesn’t really matter too much. I made sure I stayed within the pack and ran with Neal then Stevie. A few of the group opted for a shorter run and it was left to Davie, Stevie, Billy and I to complete the full distance.

We ran the same route 2 weeks ago when I averaged 7.03 pace. Today was a more sensible 7.30 pace which I was pleased with. I also ran to and from the run to make a total of over 14miles.

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