Friday: Off Road Run on the Braes

Time: 9.35am
Route: Gleniffer Braes
Distance: 18.44miles
Time Run: 3hr 10mins 14secs (av 10.19mins per mile)
2 large Laps (7.57miles): 1hr 17mins 37secs (10.16pace) & 1hr 19mins 25secs (10.29pace)

I must admit I set out with a little apprehension this morning for my first long run since the other Sunday. How would I feel? Would I struggle and run out of energy? Would my legs feel really heavy all the way round?

So I set off trying to run very comfortable and keep in mind I had to do two laps. The first lap felt the hardest but I was pleasantly surprised to see the time when I looked at my watch after the first lap. The second lap seemed to be easier though was slightly slower. But all in all I was really pleased with my run. I kept a constant pace throughout the 3hrs and my legs didn’t feel too heavy. In fact I pushed it a bit over the last mile or two of the second lap.

Tomorrow is the Glasgow to Edinburgh double marathon – 55miles mainly along the canal towpath. There are a number of whw family running including, Keith Hughes, Ian Beattie, Thomas Loehndorf, Jack Brown, Mags Turnbull, Davie Bell, Phil Tipping, Neil MacRitchie, Peter Halpin, Sharon Law & Aileen Scott. So all the best to all of you and I look forward to hearing how it goes. Have a great run.

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