Monday: Club Run – Fartlek

Time: 7.15pm
Route: Cycle Track
Distance: 9.76miles
Time Run: 1hr 14mins 57secs
Session: 3min 30secs (1min 45secs recovery) x4, 2min 30secs (1min 15sec) x4, 1min 30secs (45sec) x4

We had a good group of 20 or so tonight including Donald, Michael, Kerry & Bill so the pace at the front was strong. I was feeling good and pushed hard right through the session. Derek had one of his specials with a variety of times. In the past these sessions used to be annoying as I only had a basic stop watch. Now with my super duper garmin I can programme the whole session and don’t have to touch it and it records all the session!

At the end of the session I said to Donald I reckon that was over 5miles for the 30mins and it was ….

3mins 30secs: 0.57, 0.55, 0.57, 0.59
2mins 30secs: 0.42, 0.44, 0.42, 0.42
1min 30secs: 0.27, 0.27, 0.24, 0.29

The total distance for the 30mins was 5.03miles.

I came across a new web site today RunningAHEAD which works really well with my garmin. I’ll use it for a while and see how it looks but first impressions are good! It produces nice graphs like this ….

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