Wednesday: Club Run

Time: 6.45pm
Route: From Elderslie Pool
Total Distance: 14.28miles
Overall time Run: 1hr 46mins 15secs
Club Run: 9.55miles
Time Run: 1hr 07mins 00secs (av pace 7.01)
Mile splits: 7.30, 7.26, 7.17, 7.08, 7.30, 6.48, 6.36, 6.46, 6.31, 6.21

Another great run tonight! When I ran to the club I was optimistic that it was going to be a solid run as my legs felt good without any heaviness. There was a good crowd including Davie, Neal, Stevie and Michael. We opted for the run through Linwood, Kilbarchan and back past Johnstone High School.

The pace was good from the start and then after about 4-5 miles I felt I was hanging on to Davie and Neal but I finished strong and was very happy to see that my average pace was 7.01.

I thought I was going to be busy tomorrow morning but I’m not now so I’m planning to do my long run on the Braes tomorrow morning. I think I’ll aim for 15miles or so and see how I feel. It will be an interesting test after tonight’s hard effort.

I have enjoyed playing around with the graphs on as you can see …

Here is my January graph ….
and my February graph ….
I really like the fact that you can allocate each run a different category and it shows up clearly the different types of runs I’ve been doing. Plus RunningAHEAD automatically shows the map of the run. So all in all a good web site!

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