Saturday: Long Run

Time: 7am
Route: Paisley loop
Run Distance: 10.16miles
Time Run: 1hr 16mins 50secs (average pace – 7.34)

I had a great day yesterday on my 50th birthday! In the morning I took my Mum to the Scottish Golf Show at the SECC, Glasgow. We both enjoyed looking around and watching the Dave Edwards trick show. I had some swimming lessons in the afternoon and then in the evening we had a family meal and played Balderdash.

I received some good presents including a new head torch but my favourite was a photo album that my girls put together of key moments and events in my life. I will try and put in on this blog!

Another highlight was my birthday cake. Katrina took a photo of me at 3 to ASDA and they made it on icing on the top of the cake …..

Later on today Katrina and I are going to the Seamill Hydro Hotel for the night. Our girls are taking my Mum to Edinburgh for the day tomorrow. As I have swimming lessons from 10am to 2pm I was up early and out for a 10mile run at 7am.

It was one of those crisp spring morning and I loved being out running on the empty streets and lanes. Just before my 3 mile mark I met Joe S and his friend running the other way. Joe often joins us on our training runs and ran the 08 whw race. He looked as though he was running well. I hope he thought the same about me!!

As I was running this morning I was counting down the weeks to my ultra races. My first ultra race of my 2009 challenge, the Highland Fling, is now just 5 weeks away and the second, the whw race is 13 weeks away. I was thinking about what I’m planning to do before and between them and it made me realise that I’m now at the sharp end of my training. I find it a tricky balance trying to get enough miles in but not overdoing things. I have my plan and I’m sticking to it!!

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4 Responses to Saturday: Long Run

  1. Chris says:

    happy birthday

  2. Davie says:

    You were wearing a duffel coat in that cake. Oh sainted memory. The toggles were always a good between meal snack. Kept out the cold better than these Goretex things, but I have to admit they were a bit heavy to run and play in. What a picture to show your age! Anyone wearing a duffel has to be over 50.Happy birthday!

  3. Davie Bell says:

    Happy Birthday auld yin,that’s a sign of getting old when your clothes are back in fashion :-)all the best for the next fifty.Davie

  4. Thomas says:

    Happy Birthday, John. You haven’t changed much in the intervening 46 years.

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