Sunday: Treadmill Run

Time: 8.10am
Route: Seamill Hydro – Treadmill
Distance: 3.5miles
Time Run: 28mins 00secs (av 8.00)

Katrina and I had a great time at the Seamill Hydro. We had a lovely meal last night and then to make sure you could enjoy our full Scottish breakfast we went to the gym this morning and had a run on the treadmill. Katrina ran 5k and I ran 3.5miles. I just don’t like running in km’s (sorry Thomas L!).

So I completed my 60miles for the week. Here is my graph of the runs ….

So I’ve not anything longer than 15 miles but I’m pleased with the quality of the runs this week. Monday night’s Fartlek was at a good pace and Wednesday’s tempo run was at 7.03 pace.

Next week the focus is on next Sunday’s long run on the whw. We are running from Tyndrum to Fort William (43miles). I say we as it’s one of our organised training runs and I’m looking forward to catching up with friends. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to keep up with them this time!

On another completely different matter …. has anyone read the book ‘Marley & Me’? I finished it this morning and was in tears when Marley died and I don’t really like dogs! We are planning to go and watch the film on Tuesday so I’d better take my tissues!

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1 Response to Sunday: Treadmill Run

  1. Harvey says:

    What (woof), Marley (woof) dies? I havn’t (woof) read that (woof) yet! I havn’t (woof) seen the film (woof) either… pacepusher (woof) says, “might as well not bother now!” And, as for (woof) not liking (woof) dogs. You didn’t (woof) seem to bothered (woof) when I slept on your (woof) knee on the way (woof) back from Kingshouse a few (woof) weeks ago!

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