Thursday: Easy Hill Run

Time: 10.20am
Route: Brodie Park Run
Distance: 5.52miles
Time Run: 44mins 01secs (average pace – 7.59)

Today I went for my traditional pre-long-training-run-on-the-whw-route on Brodie Park. It was pretty wet under foot after last nights rain but I enjoyed the steady workout thinking about Sunday’s run.
So the plan now is to have a couple of rest days before Sunday’s 42 mile training run from Tyndrum to Fort William. This is the exact route for the third ultra I’ll be running this year – the Devil o’ the Highlands in August – so will double up as a recce run for that race as well.
I looked up my times for last year for this run and have set out my goal for this year. I always like to have to have a plan to aim for but I do remember I was running well last year so it will be interesting to see whether I can match it.

My sae arrived back from Perth Runners with my number 147 for the Heaven & Hell Half Marathon on Sunday 5 April.

This morning I thought I’d chase up my Disclosure Scotland application for my new job. I rang the help desk and after several checks was told that they haven’t received it. Glasgow Council have a record of sending it so it looks as though it is lost in the post! So I’m having to go back into Glasgow this afternoon on my way to swimming to fill in another one! I’m due to start on 6 April and I may still be able to as I won’t actually have contact with any kids as it is the Easter holidays.

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  1. I had to fill in three disclosure forms. Took about a year! Then they called to ask if I’ve ever lived in Bath!?! Apparently I have a naughty namesake in that area. You would not believe how many bad Debbie Martins there are out there. Don’t even get me started on the problems I have at passport control.

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