Tuesday: Recovery Run

Time: 11.45am
Route: Canal, Clydebank
Distance: 5.03miles
Time Run: 38mins 35secs (av 7.39)

Today was my last day with West Dunbartonshire. The team took me out for lunch at the World of Golf and then we had a putting competition! I’ve really enjoyed working with the team and will miss my Tuesday and Wednesday’s with them. I am able to start with Glasgow next Monday as it’s the school holidays and hope my disclosure check arrives before the schools go back! Since I have a day off tomorrow I’ll be working on my video from Sunday!

I was able to get my run in before lunch. Yesterday I went for a 15min swim before my lessons and I’m sure it did help my legs recovery. They are feeling okay but I know the quads are there! I ran easy today and as it is fairly flat it felt fine. I’m taking it easy this week as I have the Heaven & Hell Half Marathon on Sunday.

Here is my graph for March. I’ve run 230.8miles which considering I missed a week I’m pleased with.

The second graph is my weekly totals for the first 3months of the year.

Speaking of stats I noticed today that I have passed 50,000 hits on this blog since I started 2yrs 4mths ago. So thank you to all those who visit and read regularly!

Finally I wanted to congratulate Jez Bragg. Jez is the whw record holder and ultra running supremo. On Saturday he ran in the Celtic 100k race. His report on his blog is really interesting and well worth reading.

Basically Jez won the race is an amazing time of 6hrs 58mins 00secs. He joins a very elite groups of runners who have beaten 7hrs for 100k. To put this in perspective he ran at a pace of 6.44mins per mile for almost 7hrs! Or two marathon at 2hrs 56mins each and then kept that pace for another 8miles. Incredible. His splits were so consistent. So congratulations to Jez.

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3 Responses to Tuesday: Recovery Run

  1. Thomas says:

    I watched the counter myself and I even thought it wanted to say happy 50th birthday John! You are in good shape and I am glad you are back on track with your training.And well paced your run on Sunday!Thomas

  2. Congrats on your 50 Grand, John.

  3. Davie says:

    Oh! I thought you’d won the lottery there.John, I’m sure you will be missed at West Dunbartonshire as the guys I speak to at Sports Development thought very highly of you. Good luck in your new role.

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