Friday: Easy Run

Time: 12.20pm
Route: Barrhead Cycle Track
Distance: 3.39miles
Time Run: 25mins 17secs (average pace 7.28)

Another easy run for this recovery week. My legs felt a lot better today and I’m now looking forward to Sunday’s half marathon.

This morning I loaded all my races onto and all my yearly milage from 1980 when I was 21. I ran before that but haven’t really got the figures. So since 1980 I have run over 20,000 miles which is not that much really as there were a number of years when we lived overseas when I didn’t run much.

This morning I also bought a contract from PC World with Vodafone. For £20 a month I have a dell mini 9 and 1GB of internet access per month. This means that I’ll be to post from anywhere so watch out for updates on my ultra runs. I won’t be doing it but my support will post live updates! Exciting eh??

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