Wednesday: Club Run

Time: 6.45pm
Route: From Elderslie Pool
Total Distance: 14.27miles
Overall time Run: 1hr 50mins 32secs
Club Run: 9.54miles
Time Run: 1hr 13mins 35secs (av pace 7.43)

There were only 5 of us tonight as a few of our group headed over to Kilbarchan to run the 7mile route that we will use for the David Cummings Race on Sunday.

Robert took us on a very hilly route tonight up past Robertson’s car park. I lead the way up the hill with Chris and Robert not far behind. Chris stopped for a while at the top and waited for Chris McG and Stevie. Robert and I ran down the hill together and the other three caught us near the bottom. Stevie and I pushed the last mile.

I ran to and from the Pool making it over 14miles all together. This was one of those runs that really encourage me! I pushed the hill and felt comfortable all through the run including the easy run home.

I had an email back from the organisers from Sunday’s run to inform me that I was 3rd Super Vet!! I was pleased with that.

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