Sunday: Club Race

Time: 1.30pm
Route: David Cummings Route
Distance: 6.83miles
Time Run: 45mins 46secs (6.43 pace)
Results (on excel file)
Photos (0n

I decided to run our club handicap race as my legs were feeling good after Friday’s long run. This course is similar to the Hogmanay handicap but we turn left at the stone rather than right and do a figure of 8 course. See map.

There were 15 running and I was given a handicap of 10mins with only 2 runners setting off behind me – Leanne at 11mins and James S at 14mins. So I had 12 runners ahead of me to chase! The nearest was Stevie who was 15secs ahead and Jim O who was a further 30secs ahead so I had friends in front to chase.

I set off steady and got into a good rhythm up the hill. It was very warm but I was happy with how I felt and worked hard up the hill. I caught Andrew after a mile or so and could see a line of runners ahead.

Just before the stone Leanne went past pushing hard. There is then a mile or so of downhill running before turning left again and starting on another tough hill. I slowly caught Jim O and another couple of runners. I was glad to grab some water at the cross road as I was feeling hot.

There is another up hill before the welcome sight of a long downhill section. I was still catching one or two runners and pushing hard all the way home. With just over a mile to go James S caught me. I was about 10secs behind Gordon G who started 1min ahead but I couldn’t get any closer. Stevie was well ahead and the closest I got to him was at the start!!

I finished feeling strong and was very happy with my run. It was very hot and I put my shirt over my head to keep cool! I was about 40secs slower than last year but I hadn’t ran 20miles a couple of days before. It was good to have a good hard run before I start my 2 week taper for the Fling.

John McL and Michael were out on the route supporting after their 10mile run this morning. Well done to Michael who finished in 59mins 10secs and to John who was 1min faster than last year in 1hr 3mins. John is looking in good shape for his next attempt at a sub 3hr at London.

I got home in time to watch the last 20mins of the Aston Villa vs Everton game. It looked like a great game 3-3. Plus it’s the final round of the Masters tonight which I’m looking forward to.

Tomorrow those of the Team Kynaston who are not working are going for a walk up Conic Hill. Hope the weather is as good as today.

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1 Response to Sunday: Club Race

  1. Thomas says:

    John, the next time you see John McL, please tell him all the best for London from me. I hope he will finally be able to crack the 3 hours.

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