Competition entries and final thoughts …

My ‘Guess my Time’ competition has now closed! There are 30 guesses ranging from a very optimistic 8hrs 47mins 22secs to a more realistic 9hrs 45mins 01secs.

Click on the list to see it more clearly …

I have my own guess but I’m keeping that to myself! Thanks to everyone who has entered.

Today I’ve been at work but I’ve been trying to take things easy. For a couple of hours I was at Kelvin Hall watching schools take part in some indoor Athletics events. The 600m was very interesting. Time after time in the heats a boy or girl (or several) would sprint off and have a big lead after the first 200m lap only to blow up and end up walking or at the very least being overtaken by the more sensible even paced runners.

As I watched it reminded me of a miniture Fling race and I’ll let you decide who the ‘fast’ starters are and who the ‘even paced’ runners are!!!

Tonight I plan to get my food and gear ready and watch my race video from last year. Hopefully I’ll be in bed by 10.30pm though I don’t suspect I’ll sleep that well. I always seem to wake about 3am on the morning of a race – excited and ready to go. I’m like a big kid really!!

I was hoping to be able to post some updates via my netbook through the race but only Katrina is supporting me tomorrow. All our girls are busy working. I’ll take it and try and post my time as soon as I can!

If you are keen to find out how the race goes then log on to the Fling web site as they are hoping to keep the web site updated as runners finish.

So let me wish everyone who is running and supporting and officiating a great day.

Finally for all those who are running the London Marathon on Sunday I hope you too have a great race. We have a number from Kilbarchan including John McL (hoping for a pb and even getting under 3hrs), Michael and Robert.

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