Thursday: Recovery Run

Time: 11.42pm
Route: Bellahouston Park
Run Distance: 5.14miles
Time Run: 44mins 15secs (8.37 pace)

I was able to get out for a lunchtime run today. I wore my trail shoes and stayed on the grass. For the first 2-3 miles I felt okay but the last couple of miles felt hard. I could feel last night’s run in my legs and my big toe is sore! But I got it done which is probably the best I could say.

I contacted Graeme Jones from Hampden yesterday to ask for some advise on food. Graeme emailed back with the following comments about the Fling race …

I’ve been following your blog with great interest and reading your thoughts on the race has been very educational from my side of things in regards to the mind set of ultra runner who has recently changed categories – MV to MSV. I was pleased with your time, as you should be, even though slower than last year.

I really do think going from MV to MSV race placement had an effect on your performance, not a big one, however a change to go from the chasing pack to the leading pack is still a psychological reverse and will have an effect. In a total endurance event, every bit of energy is vital, and chemical balance changes will effect energy utilisation (endorphin and serotonin release in particular).

Looking at your times, I personally feel that you pushed the boat – subconsciously – a little too much in the early stages even though you were running your own race and thus the reason for the need to stop a lot further on. Remember you have limited stores of energy (particularly glycogen) so pushing at a quicker rate is going to use them up even if you are performing at a better level this year.

In terms of food, this would definitely have been the main reason for slower time as your training has been ideal. I notice you commented you stopped more which would illustrate similar time to last year if you hadn’t, however the reason your body wants to stop isn’t because of fitness, its because of nutrient replenishment. Its simply a case of running on empty like a car.

Graeme went on to suggest some things I could work on but I’ll leave those for another post. I really appreciate Graeme taking the time to respond and he has given me plenty to think about and work on for the next few weeks.

I am keen to use my 2 day run to really try and find something that works for me. I realise that we are all different. ‘We are all an experiement of one’ as the saying goes. So I need to work out what best for me!

I feel my training is going well but unless I can get my nutrition right on the day it won’t matter how fit I am! There is so much to this ultra running but that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.

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1 Response to Thursday: Recovery Run

  1. Hi John,

    I have been following your blog since the Heaven and Hell half marathon. I also raced that day but I was some way behind you.

    I’m not sure if this will help as I am a much slower runner than you, but I have taught my body to accept flavoured oat cakes whilst running. The sugar and raisins give me a short term boost (+ feel good factor) and the oats last a bit longer. You do have to watch your water though.

    Alternatively, there are Honey Stinger and Cliff Bar products. Both are considered to be healthy as well as having lots of race benefits.

    Keep up the good work.


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