Sunday: Easy Run, Women’s 10k and more analysis

Time: 2.20pm
Route: Paisley loop
Run Distance: 8.51miles
Time Run: 1hr 05mins 09secs (average pace – 7.40)

That felt better! I set off to run 6miles or so but I was feeling good and so decided to extend it a bit and run 8 and half miles. My toe is now fine and the other niggles seem to have eased so I think my decision not to run 20miles on Friday was the correct one.

This morning Katrina and I went with Emma and her friend Naomi to watch them run the Women’s 10k at Bellahouston Park. It was also good to see friends amongst the elite runners including Lindsay (who I job shared with at West Dunabrton), and Hailey and Leanne from Kilbarchan. They all ran very well.

We also saw Sharon, Debs and Caroline finish and then Emma (below right) came in around 59mins so she was very happy. Last year she ran this race in 1hr 0mins 57secs. Her friend Naomi was a few minutes behind.

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the ideal pace to run the whw race. I averaged the top 10 finishers from last year’s race and this is what I came up with ….

So the ‘ideal’ based on this is to run the following percentages ..

Milngavie to Rowardennan (28.37% of the route) – 24.06% of total time
Rowardennan to Auchtertyre (24.47%) – 24.95%
Auchtertyre to Kingshouse (22.40%) – 22.95%
Kingshouse to Fort William (24.77%) – 28.05%

Billy was also thinking along these lines as he left this post …

“Your pacing thoughts for the WHW are interesting. My own hunch (which should be taken with a pinch of salt as I’ve not run the whole distance yet!) is that the first section is the easiest terrain and should be a touch faster than even pace, and the final section with the toughest climbs should be a bit slower.

I looked up Jez’s 2006 splits (they’re not in the results but can be found on the WHW race website screensaver) and they seem to support this view, working out at 26.2%, 24%, 22.5% and 27.3% (the middle stages have a slight adjustment to account for the checkpoint change from Tyndrum to Auchteryre).

For a 20 hour target, this gives splits of 5:14, 4:48, 4:30 and 5:28; i.e, 26 minutes faster than even pace for stage 1 and 32 minutes slower than even pace for stage 4, with the middle stages being very similar to your 2008 times. Of course, whatever the split targets chosen, sticking to them is easier said than done!”

So for my sub 21 and sub 20 plans it would look like this ….

But as Billy commented it’s easier said than done! We’ll see. Less than 6 weeks to find out!

I also did the 2007 race as percentages if you’re interested.

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2 Responses to Sunday: Easy Run, Women’s 10k and more analysis

  1. phil says:

    No problem adding me to your list John. Its not compulsive reading anyway.
    Well done on taking a break. Good decision and not easy to do.

  2. Billy says:


    I think your easing off a bit last week was the sensible approach. Thanks for doing the 2007 percentages. That was revealing too, as the the slowest three starters in percentage terms were the first three to finish!

    Adrian and Lucy in 2007 were about as fast as Jez in 2006 for the final section (and faster in percentage terms). I recall from Jez’s report of the 2006 race that he made a break on Conic Hill! so perhaps tactics had a part to play in his split proportions for that race.


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