Tuesday: Tempo Run

Time: 6.45pm
Route: Bridge of Weir
Distance: 13.55miles
Time Run: 1hr 39mins 42secs (average pace – 7.22)

It was a lovely evening and I was looking forward to getting out and enjoying a good steady run. I bought some new running shoes as my last road pair were showing signs of wear and the pair I tried recently were a bit too small. I thought I’d show you a picture of my toe! I hope you’ve had your evening meal! No doubt the nail will fall off – probably just in time for the whw race!

It was a good run and I’m definitely feeling stronger. I was thinking I’d be happy with an average of around 7.40 pace and so I was pleasantly surprised to see I’d averaged 7.22 so it goes down as a tempo run!!

After a couple of miles I ran past Neal and Caroline who were out for a walk with Harvey. I didn’t recognise them at first as I came from behind but then I saw Harvey and turned round to see that it was them. At least I waved as I ran on!

Then on the cycle track on the way back from Bridge of Weir I saw Jim Ogilvie out with his group of youngsters from Kilbarchan. It looked as though he was working them hard so that was good to see!

My legs were feeling good and Jo is about to give them another go over with her magic fingers. If you listen hard enough you’ll probably hear me crying out in pain!!

This week everyone in the whw race will have received an email about a study a doctor is wanting to do on the effects of running 95 miles. They are particularly keen to measure our salt levels before and after the race. All it involves is the doctor/nurse taking a small amount of blood (6ml) before and after the race so I’ve said I’m in. I think it will be really good to have a base level so if someone is really ill they know why. You never know it may be me and I’d benefit from the study. It will be interesting to see how many sign up.

I took some video of Sunday’s Women’s 10k race. I’ve put it on our Kilbarchan Web site if you want to see it.

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1 Response to Tuesday: Tempo Run

  1. Ahhhhh noooooo! I thought I was bad posting pictures of my pregnant belly, but that takes the biscuit 🙂

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