Reflections on the 2 day training run

On Friday, the day before our 2 day run, I listed a number of things that I wanted to achieve from these training runs so since I’m not running today I’ll use the time to reflect on whether I achieved them. If you’ve read my report you’ll know that the answer is yes!

1. Enjoy
I took some stick from Marco about the fact that most of my runs start with…. ‘I enjoyed that run’ but you know what …. ‘I did enjoy the weekend.’

It was great to run the first day with Marco, Sharon and Davie and most of the second day with Marco and John M. I was running for over 15hrs and spent most of that time with others. It is one of the things I really enjoy about these training runs. I could do them on my own but it’s so much more fun running with others. So thanks again for your company.

2. Pacing
Throughout the run we kept really well to the schedule I’d worked out. It was based on last year’s training run and with this year’s race in mind. I have now done this 2 day training run for the last 3 years and I thought (but you may not!) it was interesting to compare so for those who like this sort of thing here it is ….

You can see how in 2007 I really pushed it on the first day into Auchtertyre and then Bridge of Orchy and suffered on day 2. Last year I ran a lot more sensibly and had a strong second day.

This year was very similar. Infact if you add up the times over the 2 days I was just 1min 3secs faster than last year. Considering that’s over 76miles and over 15hrs that pretty consistent.

What the figures don’t tell though is that this year it felt a lot easier. There wasn’t a time when I was struggling and feeling as though I was hanging in there. So lots to be optimistic about!

3. Food
This was the key area for these training runs and if I was giving a mark out of 10 it would have to be a 9! I ate so much more than previously and was able to keep eating right to the end. My stomach was fine and I only had one wee a day! (sorry for the technical details!!!).

Small amounts regularly is the way forward for me. Plus a variety of food and different food for different stages of the race. So I’m stocking up on the things that worked in time for the next 4 ultras of my 2009 challenge. If food is important for the whw race how much more for the Hardmoors 110 when I anticipate having to run for another 8-9hrs.

I know it’s a small thing but the extra bag I bought that I wore on my front was really helpful. I hate wasting time having to open and fish around for stuff and using this was so easy. There is also a smaller pocket in the front for my camera! So that too will be used in the race.

These training runs have given me a lot of confidence, food wise, especially after the Fling. If I’d had another struggle on these training runs I don’t know what I would have done as there is no time left to really try anything else out.

4. Photos
As you can see I took lots of photos and put it together on a slide show. Thanks to Marco and Neal for pointing out that it sticks at 12mins – I’m trying to reload it to see if I can show the end! Neal – if I do you will see that I do give you credit for the songs!!

5. Mileage
I’ve now ran 1,066.8miles for the year and 220miles for May. I plan another 40miles this week before my 3 week taper so that will give me 260miles for May which will be my highest monthly total for this year.

I feel a lot more relaxed about the taper this year. I reckon it took me 2-3 weeks to recover from the Fling so I have 3-4 weeks to recover from this weekend and be ready just in time for 20th June! The key thing now is to relax, trust I’ve done the work and make sure I have a clear and realistic game plan for the race.

I have a few people I know who I’ll be battling against who are capable of similar times to me but when it comes down to it the only one that really matters is me against the distance. I would love to run a similar time to last year or even slightly faster but I’m still going to work on a sub 21hr schedule and see how it goes.

It’s no use encouraging Marco to start sensibly and then doing the opposite myself.

My ‘Guess the Time’ competition is now open so if you want to enter just send me your guess in hours, minutes and seconds by …

1. a post on my blog
2. email:
3. text: 07905 218162
4. phone: 0141 8848282
5. in person!

To give you an idea I finished last year in 19hrs 59mins 33secs. So will I be quicker? slower? by how much? will the Fling affect my time? will being a super vet affect my tactics?

As always there will be a small prize for the closest guess.

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2 Responses to Reflections on the 2 day training run

  1. Parabéns por seu blog! Deus abençoe seu ministério. (Rev. Ronaldo Mendes- BRASIL)- Your blog is very good! congratulations!
    Pastor da 1ª Igreja Presbiteriana Conservadora de Barra do Garças-MT BRASIL

  2. Chris says:

    I have faith in you John! I’m going for 19 hours 55 minutes. You seem more relaxed than last year.

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