Thursday: Easy Run

Time: 4.15pm
Route: Dentist Run
Run Distance: 5.58miles
Time Run: 43mins 31secs (average pace – 7.49)

I wasn’t able to run at lunchtime today as planned so decided to make use of my trip to the dentist by running there and back. I tried to run the 2miles there very easy so I wasn’t too sweaty. I was okay but once I was in the waiting room it was so hot I started to drip a bit!! Ah well the dentist didn’t seem to mind too much. So I now have a new filing on my front tooth so my smile should look a bit better.

I ran a slightly longer way home to make it up to 5 and half miles. On the way home I was overtaken by Neal giving a driving lesson twice. The first time we exchanged a quick hello and the second time they were stopped at some lights so I asked him whether he’s ready for Sunday’s Edinburgh Marathon. ‘Sort of’ was his reply I think. I must admit I wouldn’t fancy doing a road marathon just 3 weeks before the whw race but given Neal’s excellent run in the Fling I’ve given up trying to offer any advice. I hope he and Lorraine have a great race and they achieve their goal.

I’m looking forward to our night run tomorrow night. We have 5-6 running from Milngavie to Balmaha and a couple of others starting from Beech Tree.

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