Friday: night run on the whw

Last night we ran from Milngavie to Balamaha (19.10miles) in 3hrs 42mins.

All the arrangements fell into place. I met Sue, Dario, Ian and Marco at Balmaha. We left my van and Sue’s car there and drove back in Ian’s car. We dropped off Sue and Dario at Beech Tree and then met Ritchie and Stan at Milngavie.

After a couple of photos we were off …

We stayed together right up until Conic Hill when Ritchie pushed on to Balmaha. Marco again showed great discipline and ran with us. It has been really good to be able to run the whole of the route in the past week with Marco. Thanks for your company.

I could feel my legs and we ran slightly slower than my whw race pace for this section but it was good to be out running in the dark and thinking the next time we are here in 3 weeks it will be the real thing.

As I was walking up Conic Hill with Ian at 2.30am chatting away about our jobs and family it felt normal but thinking about it I don’t suppose many people do this in the early hours of a Saturday morning!!

We met Dario at Balmaha. Sue had already left after a good run. A quick photo then we headed back to Milngavie and home.

I had a shower about 4am and something to eat. I felt quite hungry. I slept for a few hours then was up by 8.30am as I’m teaching swimming at 10am.

I’ll be home in time for the FA Cup Final where I’m hoping Everton can overcome Chelsea. Ian and Dario are off to Hampden to see if Falkirk can defy the odds and beat Rangers. A double for Everton and Falkirk would round off a great day!!

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1 Response to Friday: night run on the whw

  1. Hi John,

    Many thanks for organising the night run and last weekend. I really enjoyed running with you and learning from you.
    See you in 3 weeks time. Enjoy the game and I will cheer on Everton too.


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