Carmyle Cottage and other whw issues

On Friday when we were chatting to Dario he said that under no circumstances (besides extreme emergency) could we have a support at Beinglas. For the last two years Katrina has parked at Drover’s Inn and walked over but even this is not allowed this year.

Dario has started a post on the whw forum to let people know that the rules will be enforced this year. Anyone with support at Beinglas will be withdrawn. As I don’t want to be taken out of the race I’m planning to have more supplies in my drop back at Inversnaid to keep me going until Carmyle Cottage.

It made me realise though that I didn’t know how to get to Carmyle Cottage from the road. So as it was a brilliant Sunday afternoon we jumped on the bike and took a ride so that Katrina will know where to find me.

I took my camera as there may be others who don’t know where it is either??

Once you have gone past Beinglas Farm (and not stopped!) look out for the sign for Falls of Falloch. Once you have gone about half mile past that you go past the layby opposite Derrydaroch Farm. Again don’t stop!

Layby opposite Derrydaroch Farm

View from layby to Derrydaroch Farm

Another half miles or so further on look out for the sign for Carmyle Cottage on your right as you head north. Maybe Dario will put up a sign to make it clearer.

Small road to Carmyle Cottage from A82

Sign post for Carmyle Cottage

Small road leading up to the Cottage

Carmyle Cottage and road where there is plenty of room for parking.

Cottage on the right, looking down the road towards the whw route
For the runners when we see this tunnel we are very close to seeing our support teams after a long time!!
Even the smallest runners (Sharon?) will have to tuck to go under this one.

Through the gate and hopefully we’ll be greeted by hundreds of supporters and friends.

Looking back down to previous tunnel from the road at Carmyle Cottage

Looking back dwon the road towards Carmyle Cottage.

Through the tunnel under the A82 ( a bit more room in this one)

and lastly a picture of me and my bike!
So I hope that helps. It looks an ideal spot for back up and if it means we can keep Beinglas Farm happy and the race going for many more years it will be worth it.

Also on Friday I heard from Dario that Murdo McEwan has had to withdraw from the race through an injury to his foot. Murdo has run the race several times and has won the MSV for the last few years. Last year he was only person older than me to beat me and as I moved in the MSV category this year I was looking forward to chasing him. I didn’t expect to be able to beat him but I was looking forward to trying. I have been in touch with Murdo and I know he’s really disappointed not to be running but feels it is the right decision. He and Jo will be involved in the race as marshalls. So get better soon Murdo and maybe we’ll have that battle at the Hardmoors??

Congratulations to all those who ran the Edinburgh Marathon in very hot weather. Silke ran a pb 4.02 and Thomas a very impressive 2.50

Lastly a quick word about Everton. What a great start – a goal in 25secs but we couldn’t keep it going and Chelsea deserved to win. There’s always next year!

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  1. scott says:

    Hi John – thanks so much for taking time to do this & put it online – will forward link onto my support team.

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