Sunday: Off Road Run on the Braes

Time: 8.00am
Route: Gleniffer Braes
Run Distance 12.09miles
Time Run: 1hrs 59mins 47secs (average pace – 9.55)

To finish off my 40miles for the week I was up earlish and ran up to the Braes for an easy 12mile run. I was aiming to run at around 10min a mile pace which will be my pace for the first 12 miles to Drymen. The route is a lot hillier than Milngavie to Drymen but gave me something to work on. I ran out on my large loop until 6miles and then ran back. I went out in 1hr 4mins and came back in 55mins. It felt really good and as this will be my longest run until the race I feel quite satisfied.

On Friday night Stevie & Donald came round to chat about support for the whw race and eat all of Katrina’s lovely chocolate cake. We had a good time and as this is the third year we feel we know what we are doing. The main difference this year is that Stevie is going to run up the Devil’s Staircase ahead of me and be there waiting with some supplies and then Donald will do the same on the hill out of Kinlochleven. Once I have passed and taken my supplies they are going to run ahead of me into the next checkpoint. This means they will get a run as well.

Yesterday afternoon I was half watching the England games but decided to go through the whw entry list and work out categories and best times. These are based on the information on the whw web site. Unfortunately not all the entries have the information but here goes with what I have …

All Female entries …

Male entries

Male Vet entries

Male Super Vet entries

The rest of the entries that are unknown to me!
(if anyone can help fill in the gaps let me know!)

Finally we have another blog to add to our whw blog roll. So check out ‘Over The Top’ written by Keith Hughes.
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2 Responses to Sunday: Off Road Run on the Braes

  1. Thomas says:

    John, my guess for this year's whw time is 20:12:45.


  2. I hope Rob and Athole don't read this. They might expect me to bake a cake! Then again, I doubt it 🙂

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