Monday: Easy Run

Time: 12.15pm
Route: Pollok Park loop
Run Distance: 6.70miles
Time Run: 51mins 06secs (average pace – 7.38)

Tonight I won’t be able to join the regular group at the club as we have a meeting about getting our Club Mark. It should be interesting as we have hired a consultant to help us think through our long term vision/plan for the club.

So I ran at lunchtime on my normal route from Bellahouston Leisure Centre. It felt good and I was holding myself back! My plan this week is for another easy week of about 30-35miles. On Wednesday our club have a 5mile handicap race. I think I’ll go along and run but take it steady.

I spent a bit more time looking over the whw records and pb’s, did some cut and pasting and put them all together on a spreadsheet.

I also cut the list to show those who are running this year and put them in order of pb’s. So of those who are running the race this year and have run it at least once I’m the 6th fastest!! There are a lot of very good race virgins this year so I reckon a top 20 finish will be a good goal/achievement.

Entries are slowly coming in for my competition. Mainly because whenever I see someone I produce my pad and ask them for a time! I’m up to 30 now rangeing from 19hrs 00mins 03secs to 21hrs 05mins 13secs. Still 11 days until the deadline of Friday 19 June.

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2 Responses to Monday: Easy Run

  1. James Stewart says:

    I'm going to guess 19 hours 55 mins and 37 secs.

    Good luck!!

  2. Stephen Jones says:

    Hi John,
    I occasionally have a wee read of your blog and so thought I would throw a guess in. I reckon 19h27m36s. Have fun!
    Stephen Jones
    Maryhill Harriers

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