Tuesday: Easy Run

Time: 5.10pm
Route: Paisley loop
Run Distance: 4.27miles
Time Run: 33mins 23secs (average pace – 7.50)

This was probably one of my shortest runs of the year and yet one of the hardest to get out and do it! It doesn’t seem worth going out for just 4 miles but that’s all I wanted to do and so I did it.

I have been experimenting with my Garmin Forerunner 205 as to what I want displayed on the screen. When I was running with Marco recently he said that he has the overall pace on his and I thought that was really helpful.

Also for the race I have divided up the whole route into bite size pieces of between 3-4 miles. So it would be helpful to have the current lap pace/distance/time as well. Plus it is helpful to have the current pace especially early on. So these are the screens I’ve settled on ….

Screen 1 – Overall time/Overall average pace/Overall distance

The Garmin only has a battery life of about 12hrs so I’m borrowing another one from a friend for the second half of the race.

Screen 2 – Lap Time/Lap Distance/Lap Pace

Screen 3 – Current Pace

Plus I’ll have my ordinary watch recording the overall time. So I think should do the trick!

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2 Responses to Tuesday: Easy Run

  1. Thomas says:

    I've got HR, distance, pace and avg. pace on mine.

    HR, lap distance, pace and lap pace on screen two.

    Time is on a third screen.

    If I race, I display time instead of HR.

    In my next race, I'll display time and distance only, I think.

  2. WHW Runner says:

    I'm going to leave my Garmin at home for the WHW race and just use a watch.

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