Wednesday: Club Race

Time: 7.30pm
Route: Sustrans 5mile Handicap Race
Total Run Distance: 8.10miles (including 2 mile warm and 1 mile cool down)
Race Time: 31mins 59secs (average pace – 6.24)

I wasn’t too sure about whether to do this race tonight but I decided to for 2 reasons …

a. I like to take part in the club races as much as possible

b. I wanted to do a 6-8 miles anyway.

This must be one of the few races I’ve ever done where I have not given 100%. As a general rule I don’t do that many races and so when I do I like to give them my very best. But with the whw race only 9 days away I didn’t want to go flat out on a 5 mile handicap race.

Photo before the race

I ran quicker than I’d planned on the way back. I started with Davie and Stevie and let them go right from the start. At half way at the turning point Davie was about 20secs ahead and Stevie further away. I pushed a bit harder on the way back and almost caught Davie but he glanced back and saw me with about 400 yards to go and sprinted away.

I ran the first half in 16mins 49secs and the second half in 15mins 10secs so a good negative split!

Photo after the race

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