Sunday: Off Road Run on the Braes

Time: 7.30am
Route: Gleniffer Braes
Run Distance 8.30miles
Time Run: 1hrs 19mins 29secs (average pace – 9.35)

My last run on the Braes before the whw race. Over the last two years of training for the whw this would be my last run on the Braes until November when I’d start again with the long off road runs but this year with 3 more ultras to come after the whw I think I’ll be back up there sooner rather than later.

It is a lovely morning. Perfect temperature with some cloud cover and little wind. I’d take a day like today next Saturday!

The race is now just 5 sleeps away and continuing to dominate my thoughts! My plan for this week is an easy 4mile run tomorrow lunchtime and then another easy 4 on Wednesday. Just a case of keeping the legs ticking over until 1am on Saturday 20 June.

I weighed myself after the run and I am 12st exactly. I’ve been aiming to be around this weight for the race so that’s good. I’ll probably put on a few pounds this week with all the pasta I’ll be eating!

I have 33 guesses for my ‘Guess my Time’ competition. I’m still hoping to get up to 50 guesses but I might need to start stopping people in the street! I do know that some (well Chris) are waiting until Wednesday to get the latest weather forecast. Talk about taking it seriously!!

I will publish the full list on Friday afternoon after the 12noon deadline. But here is the breakdown of guesses so far …

under 19hrs 30mins: 4 guesses
between 19hrs 30mins – 20hrs: 14 guesses
between 20hrs – 20hrs 30mins: 8 guesses
20hrs 30mins – 21hrs: 6 guesses
over 21hrs: 1 guess (and it’s not Katrina!!)

I’m waiting to hear how Stevie, one of my support team, got on in the Skye Half Marathon yesterday. I was hoping for a text message but either he couldn’t work out how to send it or more likely there is no reception.

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2 Responses to Sunday: Off Road Run on the Braes

  1. Billy says:


    I reckon you've a good chance of a PB this year, so I'll go with the herd and plump for 19:52:30


  2. phil says:

    Hi John,
    well we are nearly there.
    I'm sure you are well prepared and will have a great day next Saturday.
    I am going to go for 20hours and 18min which would be a fantastic time. I am basing that on your fling this year and the likelihood that it all went so perfectly last year it would be amazing if you did quite as well this year.
    Hope I'm wrong and you go quicker.
    Best wishes, Phil.

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