Monday: Easy Run

Time: 12.40pm
Route: Road run
Run Distance: 5.55miles
Time Run: 44mins 20secs (average pace – 8.00)

Today I was at one of my schools and had time for a run at lunchtime. Another easy 5 and a half miles. Spent most of the time thinking about how I’m going to use Friday.

I reckon my race preparation really starts when I get up on Friday morning. I plan to use the morning to get all my gear and food ready in boxes. I’ll also probably watch ‘Closing distance’ dvd and count how many time Ian says ‘tough’ (see Allybea’s blog). I’ll also watch my own video from last year’s race and go over my race plan.

Then after lunch I’ll head to bed for a few hours. I probably won’t sleep soundly but I will be resting and if I can doze off for a while then it will be a bonus. It seemed to work last year so I’ll stick to that. Then at about 6pm I’ll have my last meal – pasta of course and then try and while away the hours before we leave at 11pm for Milngavie. It’s only 30mins away so we don’t need to leave too early.

I had a really encouraging email from Graeme at Hampden today. Here is part of what he wrote,

‘I’ve been following your blog closely and only wish some of our elite runners in Scotland could adopt your excellent attitude and dedication to their running. I myself have learned a lot from what you have said and hope to apply it to my own running in time.

Apprehension is the main issue now leading up to a race, however just relax, and remember that you have done everything possible to prepare for this so you’re in ideal shape. I’ve honestly not met many runners with your ability to prepare for a race and the ones I have known that are similar, never come away disappointed. All the best and enjoy it.’

I couldn’t resist putting that on!!! I’ve really appreciated Graeme’s input and advice since I did the fitness test at Hampden. I agree that apprehension is a key factor in these next few days so I’m hoping to stay relaxed and be as ready as I can be come Friday night.

4 sleeps to go …

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4 Responses to Monday: Easy Run

  1. I am going to say a pb of 19.48 but not sure if you are going to keep the club record – it's going to be an interesting day!

    Good luck and looking forward to seeing all the Kynaston clan in Milngavie!


  2. Silke says:

    Good luck to you and your team for the race!
    O.k. then, I might as well guess a time while I am typing:


  3. Andy says:

    Hi John,

    Good luck for the race.

    I'll go for 20:47:30

    Andy McKee

  4. Ben Melby says:

    Best of luck John!

    I will enter a guess of 19:33:15

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