Guess My Time Competition Entries & final thoughts

…. just over 12hrs 30mins to go!

I had a busy day yesterday but not too tiring. We went to Asda about 6pm to buy supplies for the race for me and the support team. As we were wandering along who should we meet but Neal & Caroline! So we stopped for a chat and an opportunity to phyche each other out.

Last year when Neal entered the race and we trained together I knew it was going to be a close race between us. Last year I felt I had the advantage having done the race the year before and that’s how it proved as I finished just over an hour ahead.

But this year is going to be very different. Neal now has the experience of having done the race and most people improve significantly on their second year. Plus the fact that Neal ran a superb Fling race (finishing 20mins ahead of me!). So on balance I would say that Neal is favourite in our private battle to be ‘Kilbarchan AAC whw race record holder’.

If Neal is true to form (pacepusher by name pacepusher by nature) then he will be away and I won’t see him from Milngavie. It might be that I don’t see him again until Fort William or I might catch him along the way!! I know what I would prefer.

We both agreed last night though that we would rather lose the race between us and achieve a pb than win and run slower than last year. One of my ‘scenarios’ is a sprint finish down Fort William to the Leisure Centre!! One thing I can guarantee if that happens there will be none of this ‘let’s hold hands and run in together’. It will be eyes balls out and let the best man win!!!

Besides Neal there are lots of other friends who I know I will be seeing a fair bit of during the race and I’ll enjoy battling with them as well.

Keith wrote a very interesting post on his new blog yesterday which I found really helpful. It made me realise just how much I love doing this race. I remember the very first time I met Ian B and we ran together I said to him that I think this will be a one-off. I’ll do the race in 2007 and that will be it. I remember Ian saying that he’d be surprised if I only did one and how right he was! I just can’t imagine not training for and running this race.

I love the route, the friends I’ve made, the challenge of the race, the preparation. In fact everything about it and I fully intend to enjoy it tomorrow. That’s not to say it won’t be hard, as it will be, but for me that’s part of what makes it so special.

I’m also aware of those who would love to be running the race tomorrow but can’t due to injury and those who are starting with injuries knowing it’s going to be difficult to finish. I’m so grateful that I’m getting to the start feeling good.

I’ve spent the morning getting my food and gear ready ….

will I be able to eat all this????

Not sure if I’ll need all this but worth having in case

Don’t worry I’m not running barefoot. I just forgot to put my shoes on the picture

So I’m off to bed soon for a few hours sleep (well maybe a doze) and then the race will be within reach.

The vast majority of people who read this blog will be at the race tomorrow but for those who aren’t involved and would like to follow my progress Hollie is going to post some updates on this blog throughout the day (if she can get a connection on my netbook).

Plus Dario has organised a few runners to have a sports tracker and you can follow their progress live. I did ask Dario if he needed a volunteer but he turned me down!!!! Only joking Dario!!

Anyway here is the link if you’d like to try it. I reckon I will be closest to Sharon Law out of those selected (can you sense my jealousy??) ….

SportsTracker for whw race

Finally …. I received 56 entries altogether for my ‘guess my time’ competition.

Full list of entries

Here is a breakdown of the guesses ….

sub 19hrs 30mins: 6 guesses
19hrs 30mins – 20hrs: 32 guesses
20hrs – 20hrs 30mins: 13 guesses
20hrs 30mins – 21hrs: 8 guesses
over 21hrs: 2 guesses

So the most popular 30mins is between 19hrs 30mins and 20hrs with 19hrs 50mins receiving 6 guesses. Maybe they were playing the key 50 number card!

Finally (again) …. let me wish every runner, support team, official, spectator etc a great day and I look forward to sharing this amazing race with you.

Now where’s my ear plugs and eye patch?

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4 Responses to Guess My Time Competition Entries & final thoughts

  1. Bloodshed in the biscuit aisle 🙂

    See you in a few hours.

  2. Harvey says:

    holding hands? Never gonna happen! It's gonna be fun… here's to two new pb's… with mine being just a little quicker than yours! See you soon, pacepusher (and Harvey)

  3. Grellan says:

    All the best John and looking forard to following your progress and reading your report.

  4. Davie says:

    Why have so many of your friends got you down as 20hrs+ ?????

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