Wedneaday: Easy Run

Time: 12.10pm
Route: Rosshall
Distance Run: 6.09miles
Run Time: 46mins 50secs (7.42)

This week I’m working from my Secondary School as my normal Primary School is closed for a few weeks. So it gave me a chance to run a new route. I wanted an easy 6miles so I worked it out roughly and then with the aid of my trusty Garmin gps was able to add a few bits on to make up the 6miles.

I was aiming to run an average of under 8min per mile so was quite happy with 7.42. I hardly looked at my watch and just tried to run how I feel. One of the reasons I ran at lunchtime rather than with the club tonight is that I want to watch the Murray vs Ferrero quarter final. On Monday I only saw the first game and the last 3 so it was good to be able to watch it all. Am impressive 3 sets to love victory.

I’ve started to think about my target time for the Devil o’ the Highlands Race. At the beginning of the year I set sub 7hrs as my gold medal and I’m going to stick with that. I’ve not run this as a race but I’ve done the route as a training run each March over the last 3 years. My best time is around 7hrs 30mins so I’m hoping in a race situation I’ll be able to take 30mins off that.

As mentioned I’m planning on one long run on the route before the race on Saturday 25 July which will be 2 weeks before the race. I then have 7weeks to the Hardmoors 110 and I’ve been trying to work out the best way to prepare for that regarding long runs. At the moment I’m thinking of doing a 60mile training run 4 weeks before the race which would be Sunday 30 August.

During August & September I’m speaking at a friend’s church for a number of Sundays to cover his study leave. Sunday 30 August is one of them so I was thinking I might ask Katrina to drive me to bridge of Orchy and then I could run the 60miles back to Milngavie and ask Katrina to leave the car at Milngavie for me. Katrina could then get the train home!! I was also thinking whether it would be a good idea to climb part of Ben Lomond on the way as there is a lot more climbing in the Hardmoors. It would replicate the climb up and down Roseberry Topping.

My plan for the 60 mile run is to try and run at Hardmoors race pace which I’m planning to be slower than whw. So if anyone fancies joining me for all or part of it let me know!! If I start running from Bridge of Orchy at 2pm and it takes me about 14hrs then I will have the last few hours in the dark which will be also be good preparation for the Hardmoors when you have to run for 10hrs in the dark.

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1 Response to Wedneaday: Easy Run

  1. Phew! I've just got the video to go…:-)

    I can't believe your straight back into 60 mile training runs. And with a wee jaunt up Ben Lomond for giggles 🙂

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