Can anyone help? ….

As you may know if you’ve been following this blog I set myself the challenge of running 5 ultras this year. I’m 2 down with 3 to go but I’ve come across a problem and I thought I’d post it here and see if anyone can help me???

For the Hardmoors 110 I need a support team of 2 people with a car to meet me at the checkpoints and find me if I get in trouble. Initially I was thinking Katrina could do it and I’d call on one of our girls but the no-one is free and it would be very difficult and unfair to ask Katrina to do the whole race.

So I’m looking for a couple of people who would like to help me. The basic details are as follows …

Dates: Friday 25th to Sunday 27th September 2009
We’d need to leave Paisley in the morning, drive to Helmsley, rest up in the afternoon and wait for the race starting at 5pm. We would head back to Paisley after the prizegiving on Sunday.

Checkpoints: There are a number of checkpoints along the 110mile route which the support would need to meet me at. Basically every 2-3hrs throughout the night and day. So hopefully if there were 2 drivers then you could share the driving.

I realise that it is asking a lot but I thought if I don’t ask ….

If you might be interested please get in touch.

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1 Response to Can anyone help? ….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry John. I was tempted – but the book festival starts that weekend and I will be up to my eyeballs here.-Renita

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