Friday: Easy Run

Time: 12.10pm
Route: Rosshall
Distance Run: 5.4miles
Run Time: 44mins 04secs (8.10)

Another easy run at lunch time. I realised that the cycle track goes right past Rosshall so within a few minutes I was on the cycle track and running along the river feeling miles away from the city.

I’m looking forward to watching Murray in his semi-final in a few minutes.

I have had to buy this new running rucksack.

I was very happy with my old one but one of the only negative things about the whw race this year was that my gear was thrown out by mistake. All I can say is that it’s not a good idea to put dirty kit into a black plastic bag as it might get confused with rubbish at Glen Nevis Camp Site and be thrown away! As well as losing my rucksack I lost 2 whw buffs (07 & 08 versions) and 3 running tops including the yellow 08 whw ron hill. I was hoping I might be able to replace the whw running top but Dario said there are none left. Ah well these things happen!

So I bought myself this inov-8 15litre rucksack. The last one was 10litre and sometimes I found that it was smaller than I needed. I will need to carry more for the Hardmoors 110 race so I was keen to get it sooner rather than later so I can try it out on some of my long runs coming up. It is very light empty and I’m looking forward to using it.

I have been looking at the list of those who are planning to run all 3 races on the whw route (Fling, whw & Devils) this year. According to my reckoning there are 15 people who are doing all three and I’m 4th on the list with one race to go. Neal is 3rd 1hr 34mins ahead. I think the only chance I have of catching Neal is if his foot is still sore after Kilimanjaro and I don’t want that to happen.

I’m still finalising my training plan for my long runs between now and the Hardmoors.

Here is the plan as I see it at the moment ….

Sun 12 July – 18miles on the Braes
Sun 18 July – 12miles (on holiday in Portugal)
Sat 25 July – 23miles Kingshouse to Fort William
Sun 2 Aug – 12miles on the Braes
Sat 8 Aug – 43miles Devil o’ the Highlands Race (Tyndrum to Fort William)
Sun 16 Aug – 10-12miles on the Braes
Sun 23 Aug – 15miles on the Braes
Sun 30 Aug – 60miles Bridge of Orchy to Milngavie
Sun 6 Sept – 8miles easy run
Sun 13 Sept – 15miles on the Braes
Sun 20 Sept – 8miles on the Braes
Fri 25 – Sat 26 Sep – 110miles Hardmoors Race

So I’m going to have a 23mile training run, a 43mile race and a 60mile training run in the 12 week build up to the Hardmoors Race. Hopefully that will be enough to give me a chance of doing my best. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of this race. I’ve never run on this route before so it will be a very different experience to running on the whw where I know every twist and turn.

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2 Responses to Friday: Easy Run

  1. Thomas says:

    John, as regards to hydration packs, have you read the very recent reviews of several packs from an ultra runner in California (here for the summary, and he has very detailed reviews on each pack there as well). Personally I found those articles very good.

  2. Davie says:

    I think Allybea might just be packing Ian's gear in a black bin bag from now on!
    It's a shame that you lost all those WHW race logo'd items,though. It'll be like losing a close friend.

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