Saturday: Park Run & Run home

Time: 9.30am
Route: Pollok Park Run Race
Distance: 5k
Time Run: 19mins 17secs (average pace 6.20)
Total Run Distance: 10.76miles
Total Time Run: 1hr 25mins 25secs
Details of 5k Park Run
Details of Run home

Emma decided to stay in bed this morning so it was just Katrina and I doing the Park Run. Katrina was happy to run on her own so I decided to try and improve my time and position from last week! I pushed hard from the start and struggled a bit over the last km but finished 21st in 19mins 17secs. I must admit I was hoping to be under 19mins but it is only two weeks since I ran 95miles so I shouldn’t be too disappointed! Katrina was a little slower than last week but ran well and held her position through the run so that was good.

I wanted to get a few more miles in so I ran the 6.63 miles home. I followed the cycle track so it was a very enjoyable run through trees and following the River White Cart Water.

I’ve had a response from Neal to my plea for help for the Hardmoors. He would like to help but it will depend on whether he has started with the Navy so we’ll have to wait and see. But thanks for the offer Neal.

I was looking at my milage for the first 6 months of the year. I have ran 1296.37 which works out at an average of 216miles a month. Last year up to the same point I’d run 1327 at an average of 221miles so I’m slightly down on last year. I expect to make it up in September and October as last year I missed about 6-7 weeks with my sore foot.

Here is a graph of all my runs from January to June ….

While I’m at it here is my graph for hits on this blog during June. I reached a peak of 309 on the Monday after the whw race so thanks to everyone who visited!

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