Tuesday: Easy Run & Dame Ellen MacArthur

Time: 12.10pm
Route: Pollok Park loop
Run Distance: 6.32miles
Time Run: 48mins 36secs (average pace – 7.42)

Today I ran on the same route as yesterday but the other way round. I also wanted to run slower and so didn’t look at my watch and was happy to see at the end that I’d averaged 7.41.

I was thinking as I ran how much taper do I plan to do before the Devil’s race. If that was the only race I was doing then I’d have at least 2 weeks but in some ways I’m seeing the Devil’s as part of my build up for the Hardmoors 110 mile race. So I’m planning to run at least 40miles this week and then next week run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then rest Thursday and Friday before the race on Saturday. Sounds a decent plan to me.

Last we really enjoyed our trip to Glasgow to listen to Dame Ellen MacArthur. At the moment her boat is on a round Britain sailing tour with her charity ‘The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’ where they take children recovering from Leukaemia and Cancer. The boat, Scarlet, sailed into Largs yesterday. The lecture tour was set up to raise money for the Foundation.

The meeting was in a very plush lecture room at the Institute of Engineering and Technology. The room was full with over 150 people. After a short introductory film Ellen spoke for over an hour and was excellent.

Ellen broke up her talk into three parts. The first part was about her sailing career starting at age 4 when she went sailing on holiday with her aunt, through to sailing round Britain on her own aged 18 to sailing twice round the world. It was really interesting to listen to her stories and what it takes to not only sail around the world but to get to the start line. Ellen said that when she was trying to raise funds to take part in the Vandee round the world race she wrote to 2,000 companies and only heard back from 2 of them. Kingsfisher took a risk with her and it paid off for both of them.

The second part of the talk was about what she did after her record breaking round the world sail. Ellen said that with such interest in her she could have raised money to do anything she wanted but instead she went to a remote island, South Georgia for 3months to do research on the wildlife. Again it was very interesting to see her pictures and hear what she learnt. Ellen also talked about her involvement with children who are recovering from Leukaemia and Cancer in France and then setting up her own foundation in the UK.

The third part of her talk was about her commitment to the importance of sustainable living. Ellen explained that when she was in South Georgia she visited a deserted town that had been set up to extract whale oil. Over a period of time they had killed thousands of whales and then walked away. It struck Ellen that that is what humans do, take all they can and then move on to something else. This made her look at the energy we use and whether that is sustainable.

Ellen talked about her sailing experience as it relates to sustainable living. When she sailed round the world she took with her everything she needed – food, oil, clothes, etc and had to manage what she had as she couldn’t get anymore. But our problem is that we don’t see where our energy is coming from and so assume it is never ending.

She was very passionate as she related her research and what she has discovered. Basically we only have at best 40 years left of oil in the ground. I must admit this was news to me and Ellen explained that CEO’s of the big oil companies are well aware of this but it is not something that gets a lot of publicity.

So Ellen said that her energies are going to be directed to getting this message out and working at ways to find alternative sources of energy as well as working with her Foundation.

I really enjoyed the evening. Ellen is an excellent speaker and obviously a very determined lady. There was a Q & A session at the end and she answered those questions really well. Someone asked her how she copes with hoisting sails etc and she explained how much time she put in the gym to prepare herself for the round the world races. But she also said that a lot of it is in the head and you can always do more than you think you can and when you are on your own and there is no one else to help you just get on and do it.

As we left Katrina and Chris pushed me to go and say hello to Ellen and get a photo so here it is

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3 Responses to Tuesday: Easy Run & Dame Ellen MacArthur

  1. Chris McG says:

    Do not be fooled for a second folks, it was Ellen who wanted to be pictured with JK!!!!


  2. Brian Mc says:

    As well as approximately 40 years worth of oil there is probably only about 40-50 years of extractable phosphorous available (essential for fertiliser production and agriculture unless we recover the abundant P from urine, which is a serious possibility). There are similarly limited reserves for many other metals and minerals essential for modern life.

    Good to hear Ellen is adding her voice to publicity about changing our energy generation infrastructure, but I hope she's aware of the billions of pounds and thousands of researchers in universities and companies figuring out the technologies and the management strategies to achieve the necessary changes.

  3. Bet you told her to visit your blog and leave a comment 🙂

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