Thursday: Easy Run

Time: 12.30am
Route: Rosshall
Run Distance: 6.55miles
Run Time: 51mins 29secs (7.52)

Another run at lunchtime from Bellahouston Leisure Centre. This time I went on a different route mainly staying on the roads. My legs were feeling the effects of last night’s hills so I purposely ran very comfortably. It had been raining really hard for most of the morning but cleared up in time for my run. I only had one slight shower so I was very fortunate.

I spent timing time on the run thinking about the Devil o’ the Highlands Race. It is just over a week away now and I’ve been going over my sub 7hr schedule. Here is my plan.

It will be interesting to see how realistic it is. On my training run on Saturday I ran from Kingshouse in 3hr 57mins. For this plan I have 4hr 15mins allocated. So I need to get to Kingshouse in around 2hrs 45mins.

This will be my shortest ultra race as I’ve only done the Fling (53miles) and whw race (95miles) so far. I’m keen to try and push this one from the start and also not to have any stops. It seems crazy to be thinking of a 42mile race as short but everything is relative. In just over 8 weeks time I will be running a 110 mile race … now that is seriously long!

I have now 11 guesses for my competition. If you want to enter you have just over a week to send in your guess.

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1 Response to Thursday: Easy Run

  1. Are you going to post your guesses before the race?

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