Monday: Club Race

This week is the Tour of Clydeside Series of Races and my club Kilbarchan host the first one – the ‘Kilbarchan Classic’ a five and a half mile race on the cycle track. With the Devil o’ the Highlands Race only a few days away I didn’t really want to push too hard.

I thought it would be a good race for Katrina to have a go at but she was a bit relunctant so I said I’d run with her which would do me a favour as well as it would mean I wouldn’t run too hard!

Before the race

When we arrived there were lots of good club runners including Chris Upson who we chatted to before the start. There were a number of Kilbarchan folk ready to run as well. We took our place at the back of the field and stayed there!

Before the race Katrina said that she would like to try and average 5.30mins for each kilometre. We ran a bit quick for the first km – 4.42 but then we settled into a good pace and reached the half way point in 23mins 14secs which included a comfort break (and it wasn’t for me!!).

On the way back Katrina was running really well and again kept a good average pace going (despite another comfort break!). With about 2km to go we were on 5.31 pace and so pushed the pace a bit. It also helped that we were catching a guy in yellow ahead. We passed him with about 500m to go and sprinted to the line!

Katrina finishing strong (notice the guy in yellow behind us!)

Katrina finished in 48mins 17secs and I was a second behind! Our average pace was …. exactly 5.30 mins per km. The distance was 8.78km so if Katrina ran the extra bit to make it 10km at that pace it would be 55mins. Very impressive! Her next race is the Marymass 10k on Wednesday 19th August!

After the race with a cup of water and jaffa cake!

Chris Upson won the race with John McMillan from Kilbarchan second.

Michael Finlay took some photos of the race. I’ve put them on Flickr.

Details of the race

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7 Responses to Monday: Club Race

  1. runforit says:

    Hi John and Katrina,

    Congratulations on running together! Watch out Katrina…before you know it you will be running the West Highland Way race!


  2. Go Saint Katrina! Expecting a huge PB in your next 10K.

  3. hee hee, I'll bet that Katrina already feels that she has run every inch of the West Highland Way.

    Well done both of you and more PB's heading your way soon Katrina.


  4. Stephen Jones says:

    Well done both of you, and all the best for Saturday. I regularly read the blog and really enjoy it. Had meant to introduce myself last night but had to head off.
    Maryhill Harriers

  5. The Guy in Yellow says:

    John and Katrina, you were lucky to beat me! It was only because I needed to stop for 3 comfort breaks! Hope to get my revenge at the Devils….

  6. runforit says:

    This weekend Neil and I are doing another event together (50 miles) I think he is enjoying the slower pace! 🙂


  7. Anonymous says:

    I love these photos! Katrina running free and proud! Brilliant.

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