Triple Crown

Unofficially there is not a competition for the combined totals of running the three races on the whw which are The Highland Fling in April, the West Highland Way Race in June and the Devil o’ the Highlands race in August but unofficially it is known as the Triple crown!

By my reckoning there are 16 people who have run both the Fling and whw and have entered the Devils race on Saturday.

Yesterday Ian sent me a text saying that if you take Jez Braggs records for the whw 15hrs 44mins 54secs and his record for the Devil’s 5hrs 22mins 54secs and work out the percentage his Devil’s time is 34.2% of his whw time.

The Ian worked out the same ratio ie 34.2% of my whw time 19hrs 51mins 59secs and on the ‘Jez forumla’ I should be able to run the Devils in 6hrs 47mins 39secs!

I thought it would be interesting to see the estimate times of all those doing the Triple Crown would be so here it is …..

It will be interesting to see how close we all get to that estimate time. I personally would be very happy if I was anywhere near 6.47!
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3 Responses to Triple Crown

  1. allybea says:

    You two have got way too much time on your hands!!!

    Good luck and see you on Sat.

    Ali x

  2. That's similar to the formula I used…ha ha.

  3. Grellan says:

    Best of luck on Saturday John. Although I think Ireland won the triple crown this year.

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