Tuesday: Easy Run & Triple Crown

Time: 4.40pm
Route: From Car Mechanic’s house
Run Distance: 3.64miles
Run Time: 28mins 57secs (7.58)

Today I needed to drop our car off at the mechanic’s house so decided to run home. I don’t think he has too many customers who run home after dropping the car off by the way he asked me what I was doing!

I was surprised how good my legs felt. I didn’t push too hard but I don’t have any niggles which is encouraging. My plan this week is for another easy run on Thursday, then I’m running the Pollok Park 5k on Saturday and then the Marymass 10k next Wednesday with Katrina. Well maybe not with Katrina as she well capable of breaking the 60mins without me.

I have put together a list of those who I reckon ran all three races on the whw this year …. the so called ‘Triple Crown’ (though as Grellan pointed out the Ireland Rugby team won that this year!).

Anyway here is the list of the 11 people who finished all three in 2009 …..

I’m not really sure what the percentage tells you but I thought it would be interesting to see what percentage of the total each race made up.

What is far more interesting is that I won the Male Super Vet category for the Triple Crown!!!

I know this is very sad but having come 5th in the Fling, 3rd in the whw and 2nd in the Devil’s I reckon I deserve to win something!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Tuesday: Easy Run & Triple Crown

  1. Davie says:

    Never mind, all you've got to do is finish the other two and I reckon you'll be first in the quadruple crown and the quintuple crown which would be the same as the Grand Slam. And it's a while since and Englishman did that!

  2. Brian Mc says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Job well done.

    Do you not hold the club record for the Devil's? And the club record for the Triple Crown? And possible the most ultras in one year too..?

    I'm toying with the idea of doing the Bella 5K on Sunday.

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