Wednesday: Marymass 10k

Time: 7.30pm
Route: Irvine 10k RACE
Race Distance: 10k
Total distance including warm and cool down – 8.6miles
Race Time: 39mins 00secs (average pace – 6.23)
Km splits: 3.50, 4.00, 3.58, 3.58, 4.03, 3.58, 4.02, 4.00, 3.59, 3.08 (average – 3.54)

Tonight Katrina and I headed down to Irvine for the Marymass 10k. I’ve run this race for the past two years but it would be Katrina’s debute. It’s always a really well run event. On the way down Katrina felt quite nervous as she knew that she was capable of going under 60mins and that several folk were expecting her to!

The weather was wet but it was not too cold and there was not much wind. We arrived in plenty of time and after a warm up got ready to run. There were a few Kilbarchan runners including Jim Ogilvie who I’d run with a lot on Monday night in our Fartlek session. Before the start Jim said that he would love to run under 40mins. He’d never done it before but I knew he was well capable of doing it.

Anyway he asked would be okay for him to run with me for as long as he could. I said fine but I suspected it might well be me trying to hang on to him!! So we started together and ran together the whole way. We settled into a good steady pace and each km passed around 4min or just under so I knew we were on target to get Jim under his 40mins.

At the 5km point I saw Katrina approaching the 4km mark and looking good so I thought if she’s only 1km behind she was well on target for her sub 60mins.

Jim and I pushed on side by side holding our 3.58 overall pace. We were holding our position and maybe catching the 2 runners in front ever so slightly. As I was wondering whether we would finish side by side or whether one of us might push on we went round a roundabout and suddenly I’d opened up a bit of a gap. I shouted to Jim to hang in and imagine it was last 4mins of a Monday night.

I didn’t look back as I concentrated on trying to catch the runners ahead which I did. Well I caught 2 out of the 3 but 2 of them sprinted away at the end! I finished in 39mins dead with Jim right behind. He was well pleased and I was chuffed for him. He thanked me but to be honest we really helped each other.

I then jogged back up the course wondering when I’d see Katrina. It was good to be able to encourage runners as they finished off their runs. Then I saw Katrina with about 1.5km to go and it was 8.16pm so I reckon she had 14mins to cover the last 1.5km. So I knew she would be well under 60mins. She was running well and pushed it right to the end to finish in 53mins 14secs!!!

I was so pleased for her. I thought she might well be nearer 55mins than 60mins but I wasn’t expecting her to get under 55mins. So well done Katrina. A great performance.

At the end Stephen Jones who runs with Maryhill waited to chat to us. Stephen introduced himself and said he enjoys reading this blog and infact had left some comments recently. We chatted on the way back to the car and it was really good to get to know him. Not sure if I did enough to encourage him to try the whw though!!

So superb pb’s for Jim and Katrina and a very satisfying run for me. And special thanks to all the marshalls on the course who stood in the rain cheering us on.

Katrina’s top tip …. Katrina has had problems finding a sports bra that is comfortable to run in but the thing that has helped the most is putting sudocrem on the bits that rub and it’s made a great difference. Now you never thought you’d read that on this blog did you!!

Finally thanks for all those who took time to comment on my responses. It was good to hear various views. Open debate is always good.

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7 Responses to Wednesday: Marymass 10k

  1. Chris says:

    Well done Katrina

  2. allybea says:

    Wonderful performance from Katrina. I don't think she should call herself a reluctant runner any more.

    Good tip for the ladies re sudocrem. I usually use baby talc myself 😉

    Ali x

  3. I bet Katrina never thought she'd read that on your blog!?! 🙂

    Way to go, Saint Katrina. That is an awesome time. You must be absolutely delighted. I expect to see you in a yellow vest soon. You can't call yourself a jogger anymore.

  4. Davie says:

    Quote – “I expect to see you in a yellow vest soon.”

    Quite agree. Too good for an UA beside your name. But be careful, 10k is getting awfy close to ultra!

    And it's time to start your own blog!!!!!!

  5. A blog! Great idea Davie. But then there would domestics about computers, cameras, videos, bragging rights…

  6. Stephen says:

    It was really nice to meet you and Katrina last night (rather than just feel like I cyber-stalk you). Maybe next time there's a 10k, I'll be able to keep up with sub40 pace.

  7. Silke says:

    Excellent Katrina! Congratulations! You MUST be a natural runner! This is close to my PB and I have tried a few more 10Ks by now. If you can do this with your 1st 10K – what next!? 🙂

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