Thursday: Easy Run

Time: 12.05pm
Route: Pollok Park loop
Run Distance: 5.55miles
Time Run: 45mins 35secs (average pace – 8.13)

Another easy run at lunchtime. I had a meeting just after lunch so just did 5 and a half miles. I made sure I ran very easy. This week has definitely been a hard, easy, hard, easy week so far. I’m planning another easy run tomorrow and then 18miles or so on the Braes on Sunday afternoon.

The official results are out for the Marymass 10k from last night. My official time was 38mins 38secs for 37th place (out of 124). Katrina was 118th in 53mins 14secs. Katrina hasn’t been feeling too good today which just shows how hard she pushed it yesterday.

Last year I ran this race in 38mins 00secs but last year I hadn’t ran the Devils race 10 days earlier and I was doing a lot more speed work building up to the Glasgow half marathon. The thing that encouraged me last night was my stamina. I felt I was able to keep the pace right to the end.

If you take off the 1st and last km my average pace for the middle 8km was 4.01 (or 6.28pace) with the slowest 4.03 and the fastest 3.58 so we (Jim & I) ran all 8 within a 5sec window. Very consistent.

The difference with last year is that I haven’t got as much speed in my legs but to be honest I don’t need speed as I work up to the Hardmoors 110 in 5 weeks time.

I’m starting to think about the logistics of my long training run (60miles from Bridge of Orchy to Milngavie) on Sunday 30 August. There are a few people who are keen to keep me company for different sections so I’ll need to work out some timings but I’m keen to run it as easily as possible and not chase timings. I might even leave my watch behind but I wouldn’t bet on it???

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1 Response to Thursday: Easy Run

  1. Brian Mc says:

    Ha ha I'll believe it when I see photos of a watch free wrist!


    Well done on your time, I thought you might have lost a bit more speed given the Devils.

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