Saturday: Long Run on the Braes

Time: 7.35am
Route: Gleniffer Braes Run
Distance 18.41miles
Time Run: 2hrs 57mins 59secs (average pace – 9.41)

My swimming lessons weren’t starting until 12noon today so I had plenty of time to get out onto the Braes for a good long run. I have two large loops which I try and vary which way round I go but I realised that I’ve never actually just gone round the same way twice so that is what I did today.

I would say that was one of my best ever runs on the Braes. I ran the first 7.56 loop at 10.06 pace and then as I was feeling good pushed it harder on the second lap completing it almost 6mins faster at an average pace 9.18. So coming just two weeks after the Devil’s I was very pleased with that and my fitness.

As I set off at 7.30am I was thinking that in five weeks time by this time I’ll have been running for twelve and a half hours in the Hardmoors and still have another 15hours or so to go!

I have run for the last 7 days now which is unusual for me as I normally have a rest day in there somewhere but I feeling I’m running strongly and seem to be coping with it. I completed my 50miles for the week and have another big week coming next week.

I had an email this morning from the doctors who carried out the tests on the whw race. I had a quick read but will need to sit down with a medical dictionary to work out what it’s all about. I’m looking forward to getting my individual results and seeing how they compare to the average or normal that they write about in the paper.

I’ve also started reading the booklett, ‘The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Success’ that came with my Hardmoors information. The basis of their thoughts is explained in the first chapter, ‘Replacement vs Replenishment’ and the main point is that we can’t replace everything we expend during exercise, but we can keep ourselves going all day long if we replenish appropriately.

It makes a lot of sense to me. You often hear people say they have expended so many thousand calories so therefore I need to eat that many but our bodies can’t aborb that amount. For example this morning according to my garmin I expended just over 2,000 calories but there is no way I could replace that amount while I run.

Anyway I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the booklet. If you would like to read it you can download it as a pdf file.

Finally all the best to those who are running the John Lucas Memorial Round Strathaven 50miles tomorrow and anyone else who is racing this weekend.

Right I’m off to go teach swimming for a couple of hours.

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