Monday: Club Run – Fartlek

Time: 7.15pm
Route: Cycle Track
Distance Run: 10.11miles
Run Time: 1hr 19mins 11secs
Session: [2min 30sec (1min 15sec), 3min 30sec (1min 45sec), 4min 30sec (2min 15sec)] x3

There was a good group of us out tonight for our regular Fartlek session. I ran the whole session with Jim Ogilvie and we kept each honest throughout the whole session. Gordon ran with us for the first two sets but fell off the pace for the last set and Stevie pushed hard to stay with us over the last set.

I really feel my stamina is good at the moment and I’m able to keep the pace going right through the session.

My distances and pace

2min 30secs: 0.42 miles (6.02 pace), 0.41 (6.09), 0.44 (5.44)
3min 30secs: 0.57 (6.10), 0.57 (6.11), 0.58 (6.06)
4min 30secs: 0.74 (6.07), 0.74 (6.07), 0.79 (5.44)

Total miles = 5.26 (31mins 30secs)

I was really pleased with my effort tonight!

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