Training Run thoughts, UTMB, whw test results

I’m looking forward to my long training run on Sunday. My ‘food’ from hammernut arrived today so I’ll be able to try out the ‘Sustained energy’, ‘Perpetuem’ (wonder why it’s called that?)and the electrolyte capsules. I’ll let you know how I find them.

A few days ago Murdo sent me an email with details of a package that he has hidden on the whw route to celebrate Dario. It is near Doune Bothy by the Loch Lomond so I’m looking forward to seeing what he has put there. It may well be dark by then so I hope I find it okay.

I think things are in place for the run. Neal has very kindly offered to drive and support for the first 18miles. Caroline is going to run with me from Bridge of Orchy until Beinglas Farm. I’ll be able to take my rucksack with supplies for the rest of the run.

Marco is still planning to run with me from Rowardennan but he’s been away in France for a few days with work so we plan to catch up tonight to sort out the arrangements.

Katrina is ‘happy/willing/reluntantly’ (delete as appropriate) to take our car to Milngavie Train Station so I can drive home and then get the train home herself. Thanks Katrina!

I’ve never run this far in a training run and I’ve never ran for as long in the dark so I think it will be good test as much mentally as it will be physically. I’m hoping that it will give me confidence as I get ready for the Hardmoors 110.

I mentioned the other day that I have my results back from the tests that were done before and after the whw race. I have put them into some sort of form so I can compare. If anyone can let me know what they mean I’d be grateful! I seem to be within the normal range before but not after! The biggest change is in my Creatinine Kinase levels which are to do with my muscle breakdown I think. Any thoughts anyone? Also if anyone else who has their results would be willing to send them to me I’d be interested to see them and compare with mine!

This weekend is the classic UTMB (Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc). There are a number of friends who are running in the various races and I’m looking forward to following their progress. Have a great run each and everyone of you.
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